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Xi'an, which was called Chang'an in ancient times, is located in the Central Shaanxi Plains with Weihe River to its north, and the Qinling Mountain Range to its south.


Xi'an is one of the four ancient civilized capitals in the world. In our history, Xi'an was the capital of 13 dynasties: the Zhou, the Qin, the Western Han, the Eastern Han (last years of the dynasty), the Xin Mang, the Western Jin, the Early Zhao, the former Qin, the Later Qin, the Western Wei, the Northern Zhou, the Sui and the Tang. Altogether there were 13 dynasties. After the Tang Dynasty, Chang'an city's name was revised many times. In the Ming dynasty (1369 A.D.), it was called Xi'an Fu. Xi'an has gotten its name since then. Now Xi'an is the center of politics, economy and culture of Shaanxi province. It is the capital of Shaanxi province.

Climatic Features

It has a semi-moist monsoon climate and there is a clear distinction between the four seasons. Except the colder winter, any season is relatively suitable for traveling.

When to Go

Spring, summer, autumn.

Local Highlights

The cultural and historical significance of the area, as well as the abundant relics and sites, help Xi'an enjoy the laudatory title of 'Natural History Museum'. The Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses is praised as the eighth major miracle of the world, Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang is listed on the World Heritage List, and the City Wall of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) is the largest and most intact Ming Dynasty castle in the world. In the city, there is the 3,000 year old Banpo Village Remains from the Neolithic Age (approximately from 8000 BC to 5000 BC), and the Forest of Stone Steles that holds 3,000 stone steles of different periods from the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. Around Xi’an, the Famen Temple enjoys the reputation of being the 'forefather of pagodas and temples in Central Shaanxi, because it holds the finger bones of Sakyamuni -- the founder of Buddhism. The natural landscape around Xi'an is also marvelous Mt.Huashan one of the five best-known mountains in China, is famous for its breath-taking cliffs and its unique characteristics.

Special Local Food

Praised as the capital of table delicacies, Xi'an has been rich in the delicious Shaanxi snack, delicate Guangdong Cuisine, various kinds of fashionable foreign delicacies, and popular Sichuan Cuisine such as the hot pot. Among all the delicacies, the most famous and popular one is the Muslim Snack Street.


Scenic Spots

            Terracotta Army                  Huashan Mountain                       City Wall

      Muslim Quarter                        Great Mosque                   Shaanxi History Museum

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