Xi’an Bell & Drum Tower Commercial Centre

2017-12-04 11:59:37 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Chinese name: 钟鼓楼商业圈

Located in the city centre, the Bell & Drum Tower Commercial Centre is the most popular and largest shopping area in Xi’an. It consists of four main streets, including East Street, South Street, West Street and North Street. You can find top grade malls, big supermarkets, amusement centers, cultural plazas and famous restaurants at Bell & Drum Tower Commercial Centre.

East Street

Chinese name: 东大街

East Street is the most famous shopping street in Xi’an. It is long, extending from Kaiyuan easterly towards to Dachaishi. This street can be identified as modern, young and fashionable. Along East Street, you can find various shopping malls such as Kaiyuan, Minsheng Department Stores and Friendship Store. Luomashi Pedestrian is a new shopping street across East Street. You mainly find costumes and shoes here and can bargain the price down. There are also two large underground markets within Luomashi Pedestrian, Xingzhengyuan Shopping Square and Luomashi Underground Shopping Mall. They are packed with all kinds of stores where you can find almost everything you want.

South Street

Chinese name: 南大街

South Street starts from the Bell Tower heading south towards Xi’an City Wall. The street has a length of about 670m and a width of about 80m. It is a great shopping street full of top grade malls with world famous branded merchandise on both sides. The famous malls include Zhongda International Shopping Mall, Chang’an International Plaza, Wuhuan Sports Shopping Mall, etc. The famous art street, Shuyuan Gate, is at the south end of this street.

West Street

Chinese name: 西大街

West Street starts from the Bell Tower and extends west to Andingmen (the west gate of Xi’an City Wall) with a length of about 2000m. It is a famous featured street with a long history of about 400 years. West Street is also the only street completely featuring the Tang Dynasty architectural style which makes it a famous landscape in Xi’an. Along this ancient street, you can find many famous century-old shops and products, such as Tong Sheng Xiang (Prosperity & Fortune Restaurant), Demaogong Crystal Cakes and Defachang Dumpling Banquet. Many big department stores stand along this street, such as Century Ginwa Shopping Mall, Parkson, Hong Kong Central Square, Causeway Bay Square, China Hong Kong City, Lisle Street Square, Watsons and Wuhuan Sports. Two big supermarkets at the West Street, Renrenle and Trust-Mart, make your life in Xi’an more convenient. The West Street is also a distribution center for plaques, theatrical costume props and small general merchandise. Muslim Street and Chenghuangmiao are two famous featured shopping areas for the merchandise at West Street.

North Street

Chinese name: 北大街

North Street is also a main shopping street in Xi’an, but it is not as prosperous as East Street, South Street and West Street. It is mainly devoted to telecommunication and finance businesses, electric equipment and entertainment. You can find Yongle Electric Appliance Mall, Xunjie Mall, Gome Plaza and China Communications Mall along North Street.

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