Red River Valley Forest Park

2017-12-13 11:09:42 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

There are mountains, water, waterfalls and temples. It is crucial that the park is close to Xi’an. Such a place is Red River Valley Forest Park that is located inside Yingtou Town of Mei County in the city of Baoji and at the north foot of the main peak of Mountai Taibai.

Recommended Scenic Spot: Sizuishan Mountain

Cableway is available here. It takes about 3 minutes or so by cable car to reach the top of the mountain. Along the way, tourists can experience the smoky atmosphere like being in a wonderland. Compared to taking cable car, it is a very good choice for tourists to climb up and stretch their arms and legs.

Recommended Scenic Spot: Curled-up Dragon Bay

It is a corner of the outskirts of Mount Taibai Reserve. Walking on its winding mountain pass, tourists walk through the arbor shaded by trees, listen to the quiet flowing of brooks, and look at exquisite sunlight skipping on the tree leaves, feeling very cheerful.

Walking pass the Curled-up Dragon Bay, tourists can see the famous Dou Mu Waterfalls.

Delicious Food You Cannot Miss:

Qishan Minced Noodles

Among all the minced noodles, the most authentic noodle is Baoji Qishan Minced Noodles. It is highly recommended that tourists have a taste of it.

Baoji Rolled-out Dough Wrappings

With a very long history, Rolled-out Dough Wrappings is a very famous Chinese snack.

Flowery Cooked Steam Bread Reheated in Boiled Water

It is Baoji people’s favorite breakfast dish. If you come early, it is recommended that you taste it.

Recommended Accommodation: Red River Valley Resort

Located at 6.6km inside from the park, the resort is surrounded by mountains in all sides, with a babbling stream. It is like being in a wonderland. The wooden villas here have a unique characteristic. In the morning, guests can hear the bird chirp. During the whole day, guests can breathe in fresh air.

Getting There: Bus Terminal at the western part of the city (Baoji Inter-city Bus Station). Take high-speed coach to Mei County, and transfer at the bus station of Mei County to a coach to Gaomiao. Get off at the terminal station (Shaanxi Sun Simiao State College of Medicine).

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