Danfeng Gate, the No.1 Gate in Tang Dynasty

2017-12-19 10:05:41 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Danfeng Gate was first built in Longshuo Year 2 of Emperor Gaozong in Tang Dynasty (662 A.D.). As the southern entrance to Daming Palace, the imperial palace in Chang’an as the capital city of Tang Empire, Danfeng Gate had the splendid Danfeng Tower on its top. It was the major passage for Tang emperors to travel in or out of the imperial city. It was also the important political venue for Tang emperors to hold grand ceremonies such as inauguration, period change, announcement of amnesty and banquet in the 200-year history. As the national symbol of Tang Empire, it was known as the No. 1 Gate in Tang Dynasty.

At the end of Tang Dynasty, Chang’an city was destroyed, including the Danfeng Gate.

In 2010, Danfeng Gate was rebuilt and opened to the public.

China, Kazakhstan and Kyrghyzstan jointly applied to include relics of Daming Palace in Tang Dynasty into the List of World Heritages as part of Silk Road: Road Network of Chang’an – Tianshan Mountains Corridor. The application was approved in 2014.

Address: Taihua South Road, Xi’an City (Daming Palace Relics Park)

Transport: It is accessible by many public-bus routes in Xi’an (Danfeng Gate Stop, Daming Palace)

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