Best Places to Experience the Most Authentic Chinese New Year Customs

2018-03-02 10:38:22 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Xi’an was chosen as the capital of both the Western Han Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty. That is why the “Spring Festival in Xi’an - Most Cultural and Traditional” campaign lives up to its reputation. The most festive and important events one cannot miss during the Spring Festival are temple fairs and Shehuo parade.

The most authentic temple fairs in Xi’an City God Temple

Xi’an City God Temple is dubbed as one of the Top Three City God Temples in China, enjoying the same reputation as the Beijing and Nanjing City God Temple. Going to temple fairs is a time-honored traditional custom during the Spring Festival.

Early on the first day of the Lunar New Year, the City God Temple was packed with people offering New Year prayers and enjoying the most authentic temple fairs in Xi’an.

In the middle of the Temple’s main hall is a rite greeting the New Year, paying tribute to heaven, and praying for blessings. As the most ancient and solemn ritual of the year, this rite hopes for peace, prosperity and bountiful harvest for the whole nation.

Several rites will be held during the Spring Festival in the City God Temple of Xi’an.

After the rite, there goes Xi’an Drum Music performances. Originated from the Tang Dynasty, Xi’an Drum Music is reputed as the symphony in ancient China and the quintessential reflection of Tang Music. In 2009, it was included into the third batch of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity listed by UNESCO.

During the Spring Festival, the top three Xi’an Drum Music societies will stage several performances in the City God Temple, offering New Year blessings to the people.

Grand Shehuo Parade in Tang West Market

The ancient city of Chang’an boasted two large markets during the flourishing Tang Dynasty, namely, the East Market and the West Market, which refer to the domestic market and the international market, respectively. The West Market is also called the “Golden Market” and it was the biggest commercial market with the most vigorous international trade at that time. With advanced market system and solid economic power, the West Market was the backbone of the whole trade system along the Silk Road, acting as the real starting point of the Silk Road.

At the beginning of the Chinese New Year 2018, as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Base, the Tang West Market will present a cultural feast featuring the most traditional Chinese New Year characteristics to the public.

Among the temple fairs, the most splendid show is no doubt the Quyi (Chinese folk art) performance since it starred professional folk Quyi societies and artists brimming with Chinese elements, altogether presenting a quintessential live show to the audience.

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