Brilliant Night Views in Xi'an’s High-tech Zone

2018-03-02 10:21:39 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

It is well-known that during this Spring Festival, the campaigns themed “Spring Festival in Xi’an - Most Cultural and Traditional” were launched in major scenic spots in Xi’an, drawing lots of attention from CCTV channels.

Currently, fifteen pieces of news under this theme have been broadcasted by CCTV channels and columns, giving audiences both home and abroad a chance to get to know a brand-new Xi’an at this new era.

Chinese couplets, red lanterns, the deafening sounds of gongs and drums, wonderful Shehuo parade and vaudeville performances have shown us a glimpse of the Spring Festival in Xi’an, known as China’s most cultural and traditional one. This year (Chinese Wuxu Year), Xi’an, in its own fervent and glamorous way, will embrace the visitors at home and abroad and show them an authentic and spectacular Chinese New Year.

The ravishing night views adorned with twinkling stars in Xi’an High-tech Zone have gone viral on the internet through various social media.

With bright neon signs and colorful lanterns lighting up all day long, the Xi 'an High-tech Zone, with its breathtaking views is glittering at night, attracting tourists nationwide to enjoy the splendid night sceneries during the Spring Festival.

Inspired by the theme “Spring Festival in Xi’an - Most Cultural and Traditional”, Xi’an Inno Startup Wonderland, the most popular block in Xi’an High-tech Zone, has launched a campaign themed “Celebrating 2018 Chinese New Year with Lights”. It offers citizens and tourists a good opportunity to have a taste of the unique glamour of Xi’an High-tech Zone, which has been highly recognized by all visitors.

In addition, during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday, Xi’an Hi-tech Zone welcomes tourists nationwide with various on-site interactive performances, dazzling light shows, abundant community activities and innovative drone flying performances to fully enjoy and celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Moreover, on the fifteenth day of the Chinese Lunar Year, also known as the Lantern Festival, Xi’an Inno Startup Wonderland will launch a light show performed by 500 drones as the climax of the themed campaigns. At that time, the 500 drones that look like flying elves will literally light up the sky of Xi’an High-tech Zone.

“Spring Festival in Xi’an - Most Cultural and Traditional” is more than just a slogan. The Xi’an High-tech Zone celebrates the traditional Chinese New Year in a different way which not only warms your heart but also enriches your mind.

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