A Glimpse of the Great Tang Dynasty in Tang Paradise

2018-03-02 10:05:16 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

During the Spring Festival, the Tang Paradise Spring Lantern Festival held in Qujiang has caught the eyes of people nationwide and been reported by CCTV for 5 times in 3 consecutive days, showcasing the humanity and distinctiveness of Chinese New Year in Xi’an to audiences countrywide, and inspiring them with spectacular shows featuring Shaanxi characteristics.

Themed with “Spring Festival in Xi’an - Most Cultural and Traditional”, the Tang Paradise Spring Lantern Festival is launched as an important cultural tourism festival campaign to kick off the 2018 Xi’an Tourism Festival.

Centering on the theme of “Inspiring China Warming Myriads of Families”, this year’s spring lantern festival aims to spice up the Chinese New Year in Xi’an by staging the most quintessential, authentic, popular and cost-efficient lantern show with exhibitions both on land and water, providing domestic and international tourists a feast of brilliant night views.

“Beautiful scenery for daytime and brilliant lanterns for night” Adorned with thousands of festive lanterns, the Tang Paradise spills over enchanting sights: the scenic waterscape, the neon signs looking like a sea of flickering stars, and colorful lanterns of all sizes and shapes brimming with ancient, quintessential and unique atmosphere, all together presenting a breathtaking view for tourists to fully enjoy this dreamland.

It is reported that this lantern show will span over the entire duration of the Spring Festival, Valentine's Day, and the Lantern Festival. Boasted with six themes, namely, the Ancient Emperor, Intangible Cultural Heritages, Fun for Children, Spring Festival Customs, Human Lives, and Lanterns on Water, the spring lantern festival employs a host of technologies, displays hundreds of uniquely-designed lanterns of various shapes favored by visitors on land and water, and makes every effort to provide a glimpse of the prosperous Tang Dynasty to all visitors.

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