Different Colors in 2017 SRIE

2017-06-09 16:35:53 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

June 6th and 7th are “Public Open Days” of Silk Road International Expo, during which citizen could get free tickets with their ID cards. They can get a close access to different cultures.

Light blue---Kazakhstan

Light blue represents Kazakhstan which is a Turkic nation. Blue is the color of Kazakhstan’s national flag. This little boy from Kazakhstan is sitting on the carpet, helping his father sell Milmac which is a traditional handicraft made of wool. “I love it very much because of its colorful look and comfortable feel. Almost every family in our country has one at home,” said a carpet seller in the Silk Road International Pavilion.

On February 24 Shaanxi - Kazakhstan Trade Fair was held in Xi’an. Kazakhstan delegations have negotiated business with 60 enterprises in Shaanxi in the fields of food, alcohol, milk, meat and food processing and other commodities.

Tang Yugang, Deputy Director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, attended the trade negotiation and delivered a speech. “The development of Shaanxi Province and Kazakhstan is highly complementary and we two have great opportunities for future cooperation in many fields. ‘Shaanxi - Kazakhstan Apple Park’ is a good example of our cooperation. The open of the railway line ‘Changan’, a cargo train, will accelerate the trade cooperation between us in the field of agriculture and business. Now we have established cooperation in e-commerce, automobile, energy, minerals, food, transportation and other fields. ”

Green--- Uganda

Uganda has begun its path to green economic development in recent years. Through “Belt and Road” initiative, China has cooperated with Uganda in several programs.

“On birthdays, festivals or just family days, we play drums and dance with local music. We are inspired and vigorous with the strong beats,” the boy from Uganda told the reporter.

On the public open day of 2017 SRIE, Citizen Zhang, sitting beside a Ugandans, is learning how to play African drum. “Here I can buy some traditional African Crafts,” she said.

Republic of Uganda, known as the "African Pearl", is a landlocked country of East Africa. The 2016 Shaanxi-African Industrial Development Fund was established in 2016, which aimed at encouraging enterprises to invest in Africa. Since then, 56 finance leasing enterprises and 21.8 billion yuan of registered capital have been raised in Shaanxi which can broaden the financing channels in participation of constructing “Belt and Road”.

Yellow--- Ukraine

“The context of The Belt and The Road provides a golden opportunity for Ukraine. We are breaking down the barrier between two countries in order to introduce Ukrainian wine to Chinese people.” the commercial agent from Shaanxi Sun Fine Import Company told the reporter.

Ukraine, located in Eastern Europe, like the northeast of China, has the unique “Black Earth”. In same latitude with France, Ukraine is the third world largest food exporter which has been awarded the reputation of "European Granary".

Not well-known, Ukraine couldn’t build their brand in China until Chinese government invited it to join B&R project. By now, Ukrainian wine has established agencies to sell its products in 15 different provinces in China.

The launching ceremony of Shaanxi FTA and Xi'an Port of importing wine trading base was held in Xi'an international port area on July 4, under the topic of "Enjoying beautiful wine in moonlight glass".

Up to now, this base has introduced a number of wine trading enterprises, and created France, Italy, Spain as well as other countries Wine Museum, gathering more than 1000 kinds of red wine which came from over 200 well-known manors. In addition, there is "European living museum", "Foreign import experience Museum "and other import trading museums.


“Amber is a symbol of happiness in Poland. We present amber to our families and friends in order to show love for them, during birthdays and festivals. I like this beautiful meaning,” The amber owner picked up a red amber and showed it to customers.

The two owners, mother and daughter, come from The Republic of Poland, which has 16 provinces. About amber --what makes the Poles proud is that the Baltic amber contains 3% to 8% amber acid which is beneficial to people’s health. Polish amber is popular in China, which attracts Polish businessmen to SRIE. They said “before attending SRIE, they have sold amber in Beijing.

To expedite the trade cooperation between Shaanxi region and Eastern European countries, government has opened the "Changan" train from China to Europe, which contains 41 carriages to the destination—Poland.

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