We Expect More Opportunity to Communicate with China---- Serbia Art Troupe

2017-06-05 15:51:31 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

“It’s my first time to China, but Serbia Art Troupe’s third time,” a performer from Serbia Art Troupe said after finishing their special performance told the reporter. The Republic of Serbia, bringing the Association of Culture and Academy of Serbia which is the representative and leader of the Culture and Art community in Serbia, as the honored guest of 2017 Silk Road International Expo, gave the art performance.

Since President Xi Jinping made a historic visit to Serbia, which established a comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries and raised bilateral relations to a new level, Serbia has become the first country in Central and Eastern Europe to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership with China. In February this year Serbian President Tommish Rafael Nicholich met with the 2017 Silk Expo host of the provincial government at the presidential palace with Zhang Xiaoning, deputy secretary general of the provincial government. During the visiting, Working Group of Shaanxi visited the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia. They also visited the National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble. President Nicolich said that the traditional friendship between China and Serbia has been in limited. Serbia will take advantage of the 2017 Silk Expo host country to promote cooperation in the fields of food processing, tourism and industrial manufacturing with China.

On the special stage, SUMADIA is the first performance, which is originated from the central region of Serbia. The dancers provided audience a marvelous performance with skillful and graceful postures and flexible movements. The choreography ideas and music of the dance both come from the folk dance of the region. What’s more, all dancers’ costumes were handmade with traditional techniques, such as the farmer and the worker’s shoes which were made of a kind of leather called “OuPeike”.

“This kind of shoes is so comfortable, and people like my grandparents who lived in the 18 century wore them in daily life,” a dancer called Dusan Vidaleovic told the reporter, pointing at his shoes.

The Republic of Serbia is located in the middle of the Balkan Peninsula in the East Europe. With Belgrade as the capital, it has a territory of 88,361 square kilometers, the beautiful Danube also flows through the country. The dance they performed is a traditional one which needs new valuation in the modern world. Dusan Vidaleovic said I was sent to the academy to study this when I was 19. I have danced for nine years. Usually we practice three times a week. However in order to provide a good performance for international audience this time, we have spent double time than before.” Serbia Art Troupe performed 7 songs in all.

It’s 2017 Silk Road International Expo that gives the chance to show the culture of Serbia. Also with the programs under “Belt and Road” initiative, China and Serbia have become common passport visa-free countries. Non-stop routes are about to open, the two countries personnel exchanges and economic and trade cooperation will become extremely convenient. During Shaanxi Working Group’s visiting to Serbia, Li Mangchang, Ambassador in Serbia, said “Shaanxi together with China Luqiao Limited, has provided the Serbian industrial park project to speed up the cooperation in food processing, textile and garment, home building materials and other areas of pragmatic cooperation. The embassy in Serbia is expecting Shaanxi enterprises to provide services.”

“The destinations of our next trip are other European country. I don’t know whether we have another chance to perform in China. But I guess because of the ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative, it won’t be too long. I expect more opportunity to communicate with China” when asked by reporter” When will be your next performance in China?” Dusan Vidaleovic answered.

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