An Invitation to the World by Party Chief Lou Qinjian

2017-02-08 16:10:51 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On the very day, Shaanxi Provincial Party Chief Lou Qinjian addressed the event.

"Beer and coffee at the foot of the ancient city wall.

Did diplomatists from 134 countries and 5 international organizations remember the impressive moment when Shaanxi showcased her charm at the Blue Hall of MFA on that morning?

But it doesn't matter, at the global presentation, Provincial Party Chief Lou Qinjian took friends from all over the world on a vivid journey of “the contrast between history and modernity, the contact between tradition and fashion” with his nearly 10-minute speech.
“Both your eldest and elder maternal uncles are your uncles and both high tables and short benches are made of wood.”

Did all diplomatists and businessmen present understand implications of Huayin “Laoqiang Opera” cited by Lou?

"We will provide quality services for all enterprises, foreign and domestic. Shaanxi’s opening to and embracing the outside world, inherited from our remote ancestors, let us “march in tune with each other toward a better future!" This is our sincerest desire.

Uncovering awesome highlights to share development opportunities with all other countries

Facing those diplomatists who might have been to Shaanxi and visited scenic spots and historic sites such as Terra Cotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall, in particular Huaqing Hot Spring where Everlasting Regret, a torrid love story between Emperor Xuanzong and his Lady Yang in Tang was staged for them,  Lou said, "What I want to tell you is that, Shaanxi has a long history and profound culture, and also is an open province that blends history and modern age, tradition and fashion."

His speech mentioned, as stated by President Xi in a visit to Shaanxi, as the OBOR initiative would reshape the reform and opening-up of the West and Northwest China, Shaanxi may become a bridgehead in this regard. Now that the Western Development Drive goes further, Shaanxi has the best opportunities ever in history.

Why does Shaanxi have so much confidence in enjoying opportunities better than ever?

1. More supports available

In light of Lou’s speech, Shaanxi should first build a new inland highland of reform and opening-up by trial and error. To this end, numerous programs upgraded to national strategies could give Shaanxi more supports.

2. Lower land logistics cost

Shaanxi seated at the geometric center of China  affords the shortest access to any other province or place within China. This is why it enjoys lower land logistics cost.

3. Potent kinetic energy for economic growth

As said by Lou, Shaanxi boasts a long list of natural resources, especially oil and gas equivalent known as the first place in China and coal output known as the third place. Such abundance serves as a powerful economic driver.

4. Solid foundation for innovation-driven progress

In Lou’s words, the outstanding advantages in science, technology and talents together with increasing standards, patents and trading results have laid a solid foundation for the province’s innovation-driven progress.

5. Endless power for high-speed growth

Now that integrated high-end industries such as energy and chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, electronic information, new materials are clustered together, a well-structured industrial system provides continuous power for Shaanxi's high-speed development.

6. Beautiful and livable eco-environment

As environmental constitutions including Qinling protection, river treatment and river system construction took shape in the central Guanzhong plain, the province lies in a beautiful, ecological environment ideal for living.

In his speech, Lou said, "All these bring infinite business opportunities for all worldwide friends, and we look forward to sharing these opportunities with you all. An open China and Shaanxi welcome you with open arms!”

Telling stories to bring Shaanxi to much more attention

The MFA presenting Chinese provinces event is a new attempt at responding to Chairman Xi’s call for “Telling Stories of China”. Lou Qinjian, on behalf of Shaanxi, not only gave his thumbs-up, but also told a series of stories about Shaanxi, China. Some of those stories are given here:

“In Shaanxi, you can explore mysteries of primitive men at archaeological sites like  more-than-6000-year-old Banpo and more-than-4000-year-old Shimao (stone hills) or experience magnificent capital relics of Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang;

In Shaanxi, you can climb the well-preserved City Wall of Ming Dynasty to feel the fleeting time and tide or sip a cup of coffee or beer at the foot of the City Wall in a laid-back manner;

In Shaanxi, you can mount the high-rise Great Wild Goose Pagoda to let loose your wild reverie about Xuanzang’s sufferings during the pilgrimage or stroll on the square beside the Pagoda to watch the beautiful fountain and lights;

In Shaanxi, you can enter the Grand Yisu Theater to watch ancient Shaanxi Opera, a genre of Qin opera blending the northern boldness and the southern delicacy or walk in Xi'an Concert Hall to savor a beguiling piece of Chinese folk music that may bring together both tradition and modernity;

In Shaanxi, you can visit Hukou Waterfall to  look at mighty billows of the Yellow River like a mother to China or climb Huashan Mountain to lie in the lap of Mother Nature’s works of wonder;

In Shaanxi, you can boat on the turquoise Hongjiannao Lake to enjoy its bright hues silhouetted against the mighty desert or visit the coal chemical industry demonstration project where zero wastewater emission has been a reality;

In Shaanxi, you can trek through Qinling to closely contact rare species like giant panda, crested ibis, larix chinensis and paeonia rockii or let those millennia-long folk tales such as Han Xin Selecting Soldiers, Cai Lun Making Paper and Zhuge Liang Fighting in Chibi along the Plank Road to bring you nostalgia of the glorious past;

In Shaanxi, you can, following Edgar Snow’s footstep, come to Yan'an, a sacred place of the Chinese revolution, to explore the reason lurking behind CPC’s success in the civil war alongside Chairman Mao Zedong’s cave dwelling or stand on the loess plateau to ponder on why Chinese Communists did want to change China and improve the people's life then, and to explore why contemporary China does want to become strong and prosperous now."

Talking about Huayin “Laoqiang Opera” and Sending Harmonious and Abreast Invitations to the World

"Let us march in tune with each other toward a better future!" Not long before this presentation, a senior Shaanxi delegation, led by Lou Qinjian, just finished his trip to Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. In his speech, Lou remembered there was a saying in a building in the ancient city of Gdansk, which writes "A harmonious weak country will grow strong; while a disharmonious strong country will decline."

One's eldest maternal uncle and elder maternal uncle both are his/her uncles, and high tables and short benches all are made of wood. Lou Qinjian even cited words of a ballad in Huayin “Laoqiang Opera” to explain his understanding to harmony - opening and inclusiveness inherited from Shaanxi history, "whether foreign enterprises or Chinese enterprises are enterprises, we will provide quality services.

Countries around the world were expected to turn to Shaanxi, and more friends were expected to come to Shaanxi for visit and development. We are waiting for you!” At the end of the speech, Lou Qinjian sent the invitation to the world again.

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