Global Presentation of Shaanxi by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Held in Beijing

2017-02-08 16:55:32 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On July 5th, the global presentation of Shaanxi themed “An Open China: Shaanxi Engaging the World” was held in Beijing. Wang Yi, the Foreign Minister, and Lou Qinjian, the Chief of Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the CPC, made speeches; Hu Heping, the Governor of Shaanxi Province, introduced Shaanxi to participants; Zhang Yesui, the Chief of the Party Committee of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Vice Minister, attended this conference.

On July 5th, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi addressed the event

"Long long ago, Shaanxi was the womb of the Chinese nation and its civilization. We—all Chinese have been regarded as the offspring of Yan Emperor and Yellow Emperor, both of whom once lived in Shaanxi", said Wang Yi. In Han Dynasty 2,100 years ago, diplomat Zhang Qian opened up the well-known Silk Road, which turned out a bridge between the East and the West. Way back to Tang Dynasty 1,400 years ago, as the holy place for diplomatic envoys, commercial groups and scholars, Chang'an City became the first cosmopolis having a population more than one million. The breadth of spirit from ancient Chang'an manifests the Chinese nation with open, inclusive and tolerant temperament and character. Moreover, Shaanxi has played an important role in modern history. Undergoing a series of dramatic events changing the history progress of China, Yan'an is honored as the revolutionary holy land of China and is always inspiring Chinese Communists to move ahead up to now. After President Xi Jinping put forward the "Belt and Road Initiative", Shaanxi, as the starting point of Ancient Silk Road, is facing important opportunities again. Currently, relying on great and profound historical culture accumulation, sound manufacturing base and strong technical strength, Shaanxi is quickening its pace to create a new engine for the scientific development of Western China and a new highland of inland reform and opening-up. If you want to understand the origin of China, please go to Shaanxi and visit Yellow Emperor's Mausoleum and Terracotta Warriors. If you want to know the source of Chinese Communist Party, please go to Yan'an and visit Pagoda Mountain and loess cave dwelling. If you want to know the destination of China, please go to Shaanxi and see the starting point of Ancient Silk Road by yourself where it is undergoing dramatic and brand-new changes.

On July 5th, Provincial Party Chief Lou Qinjian addressed the conference.

According to Lou Qinjian’s speech, the MFA presenting Chinese provinces event is an innovative action to implement Chairman Xi Jinping’s call for “Telling Stories of China”, an effective method to enhance foreign exchange and an important platform for foreign diplomatic missions to understand China. Shaanxi has a long history and profound culture, and also is an open province that integrates history and modern age, tradition and fashion. Xi Jinping’s “Belt and Road” initiative has changed the pattern of opening to the outside world in West China, especially in the northwest, and make Shaanxi stand at the leading position of westward opening. The in-depth implementation of the Western Development Drive has provided unprecedented development opportunity for Shaanxi.

Lou stressed that Shaanxi development was in its catch-up and surpassing stage currently. The mission to build a new inland highland of reform and opening-up as well as numerous national strategies provided more supports to Shaanxi. The regional advantages of located in geometric center of China offered Shaanxi with less logistics cost on land. Advantages in abundant natural resources provided a strong power to Shaanxi development. The outstanding advantages in science, technology and talents together with increasing standards, patents and trading results laid a solid foundation for innovation-driven development. The relatively complete industrial system with highly clustered competitive industries gives a new impetus into the high-speed development of Shaanxi. Environmental constitution including Qinling protection, river treatment and river system construction in the central Shaanxi plain cultivated beautiful, ecological and livable environment. These advantages brought unlimited business opportunities to friends around the world. “We hope various countries in the world can pay attention to Shaanxi and more friends can come to Shaanxi and seek development to share development opportunities with us and create a bright future with us.”

On July 5th, the global presentation of “An Open China: Shaanxi Engaging the World” was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People’s Republic of China. Hu Heping, the governor of Shaanxi Province, addressed the event.

Hu Heping introduced Shaanxi's outstanding features to foreign participants by explaining the meaning of seven letters consisting of "Shaanxi". He said, “S” stands for “spectacular” which shows that Shaanxi has magnificent and beautiful natural landscapes integrated with water town, plain and plateau. “H” stands for “historic” which demonstrates splendid history, red culture, rich and colorful folk art and modern art of Shaanxi. “A” means “abundant” which indicates the rich energy mineral resource, land resources and biological resources. The second “A” stands for “active” which means the strong scientific and technological innovation capacity and thriving vitality in Shaanxi. “N” stands for “nice” which reveals the comfortable, easy, convenient and harmonious life of Shaanxi people. “X” is a particular letter which expects that advantages of Shaanxi in culture, resource, science and technology, talents and location will bring infinite and fine prospect for Shaanxi development. The last letter "I" stands for “international” which presents the brand-new image of Shaanxi to actively integrate into "Belt and Road" and to open to the outside world in all directions. Hu said that Shaanxi development can hardly do without communication with the world. Shaanxi sincerely welcomes friends from around the world to tour, sightsee, make investment cooperation and finally reach the mutual benefit and common development.

South Korean ambassador to China Kim Jang-soo, French ambassador to China Maurice Gourdault-Montagne and American Ambassador to China Baucus made speeches respectively. They highly praised Shaanxi's achievements in economic development, people's livelihood improvement, environmental protection and culture prosperity and expressed wishes to further conduct mutually beneficial cooperation with Shaanxi.

On July 5th, the global presentation of “An Open China: Shaanxi Engaging the World” was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People’s Republic of China. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Provincial Party Chief Lou Qinjian, and Hu Heping, the governor of Shaanxi, visited the exhibition area.

Prior to the presentation, Lou Qinjian and Hu Heping met with Wang Yi and Zhang Yesui.

More than 500 guests were present at the promotional event, including Liang Gui, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Provincial Committee and provincial Propaganda Minister, Wang Lixia, Vice Governor, Shangguan Jiqing, mayor of Xi’an City, diplomatists from 134 countries and 5 international organizations, representatives of well-known transnational enterprises and leaders from provincial agencies, cities and enterprises.

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