Millennial Culture Pulls together Friends from All over the World

2017-03-10 14:20:07 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Qin Terra-Cotta Warriors attract many Chinese and foreign tourists everyday

Shaanxi is one of important birthplaces of Chinese culture, starting point of ancient silk road as well as important node of "the Belt and Road". Shaanxi actively implements "going out" strategy, promotes combination of culture, tourism and diplomacy, forms an all-directional, multi-layered and wide-ranging cultural exchange with foreign countries, and expands external influence, and shows Chinese history and culture and Chinese national spirit standing at world arena.

Cultural exchange writes legend

Culture becomes colorful because of exchange and civilization becomes rich because of mutual learning. India, Persia, Greece, Rome civilization and Chinese civilization along ancient Silk Road have a long history and various characteristics, they learned nutrition each other in exchange & interaction for more than 2,000 years, which have made important contribution for human civilization progress. As the important birthplace of Chinese civilization and starting point of ancient Silk Road, Shaanxi has long history for cultural exchange with various countries in Central Asia.

In Western Han times, Chang'an maintained friendly relations with many western countries. Zhang Jian's diplomatic mission to Xiyu (the Western Regions) makes comprehensive understanding between Western Han Dynasty and various countries in Xiyu. Han Shu Xiyu Zhuan recorded " then, the northwestern states began to make exchange in Han Dynasty ". The boom for diplomatic mission to western countries was formed in Chang'an since Zhang Jian. Zhang Jian and subsequent ambassadors brought plant seeds including grape, walnut, pomegranate, lima bean, cucumber, alfalfa, green onion, garlic and sesame, and ambassadors and merchants in western countries brought spice, gems, asbestos cloth and various rare animals and birds; silk, lacquerware, bamboo ware, gold, sliver and cast iron and cultivation skills were transferred to western countries from Chang'an.

Shaanxi has a large amount of spiritual identification and natural identification for Chinese civilization and Chinese geography, especially as the important node of "the Belt and Road", which witness the history of many personal exchanges and cultural integration.

On June 22, 2016, “Silk Road: Chang'an - Tianshan Mountains corridor road network” world cultural heritage declared by China, Kazakhstan and Kyrghyzstan was approved successfully, including Weiyang Palace site of Han Dynasty Chang'an City, Daminggong palace site of Tang Chang'an City, Great Wild Goose Pagoda, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Xingjiao Temple Pagoda, Great Buddhist Temple Grottoes in Binxian County and Tomb of Zhang Jian in Shaanxi were listed in World Heritage List, which made world heritage in Shaanxi Province reach up to 8.

Transnational Application for World Heritage along the Silk Road offers the opportunity for enhancing culture cohesion, and opens a window for cultural relic protection and archaeological research by countries along the road.

In 2015, Shaanxi's archaeologist has investigated more than 40 important sites in Central Asia, they found historical relics along the silk road, and collected a large amount of archaeological material.

Shaanxi bears not splendid civilization in ancient China, but records historical process of modern China. During 1935 to 1948, Chinese Communist Party fought successively in north of Shaanxi for 13 years, left a large number of modern revolutionary sites including Pagoda Mountain, Zaoyuan, Yang Jialing, which becomes historical witness sites of creating new China.

With loess in hands, make them close to my chest.

Returning to Yan'an for many times in the dream, and touching Pagoda Mountain.

Calling you that Yan'an stands hear!

This Returning to Yan'an involved hardships of life in Yan'an, surprise for massive changes in Yan'an and attachment for Yan'an. These full feelings eventually translated into Yan'an Spirit and incorporated into Chinese culture, which accelerated steps of the Chinese nation.

Silk Road is a spatial concept and cultural concept having long history and profound cultural connotations as well as common cultural memory and culture symbol of countries along Silk Road Culture. Many historical and cultural sites tell one after another distant, magical and fascinated legend, which makes visitors touch jumpy pulse of Chinese history, feeling charm of Han and Tang Dynasty in Chinese culture.

Tourism cooperation bridge

Tourism is a natural bridge to spread civilization, exchange & culture and promote friendship. Shaanxi focuses on tourism in "The Belt and Road" by taking advantages of "the Belt and Road" important node, and enhances cooperation with related nations and organizations, which contributes Shaanxi' power for tourism development along the Silk Road.

In 2015, council of tourism ministers along the Silk Road & tourism international conference of the 7th UN Tourism Organization was held in Xi'an. Tourism ministers from more than 10 countries including China, Russia, India and Bulgaria, WTO members' representatives and experts & scholars gathered together and carried out further discussion about tourism facilitation level, joint promotion and tourist exchanges quality along the Silk Road.

Xi 'an Initiative approved in the meeting further released development potential of countries along the Silk Road, which laid the solid foundation for promoting cross-border tourist visa facilitation and tourism investment. Next, countries along the Silk Road will carry out joint promotion, carry forward "tour on the Silk road" activity and create "the Silk Road" tourism brand together.

In order to promote market exchange and travelers exchange among countries along the Silk Road, Shaanxi increases continuously cross-border flight in recent years, fully takes advantage of cross-border railway and highway resources, improves tourism traffic condition of countries among countries for tourists trip.

Xi'an Xianyang International Airport opened more than international airlines for direct flight to Rome, Sydney, Tokyo, Alma-Ata, San Francisco, which formed airline network between 17 countries and 28 main economical cities and hot tourist cities in Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia. Xianyang Airport implemented 72 hours transit without visa. "Messenger of the Silk Road•New Orient Express" was opened, departing more than 200 times, carried more than 70,000 people for Chinese and foreign tourists, clustering abilities for tourism along the Silk Road are prominent.

Shaanxi is the boundary of geography and climate for China's south and north, which spans Yangtze River and Yellow River, and forms natural scenery combing Jiangnan and desert landscape.

Here is Qinling Mountain in the middle, which is the important ecological gene bank in the central China and is known as "National Park of China". It has the highest population density for wild panda and most beautiful form. Crested Ibis, once became extinction in the world, reproduce up to more than 2000 by careful protection.

Here is a treasured place that a line of kings loved, and 79 imperial mausoleums are persevered totally, which is called as "Orient Valley of the Kings". The majestic Terra Cotta Warriors have spectacular, solemn and magnificent battle array, which is known as the eighth wonder of the world.

Xi'an City Wall, Great Wild Goose Pagoda and Da Ci'en Temple and Xi’an Bell and Drum Tower play an important role in the history of architecture by relying on long history and profound cultural connotations. In addition, national museum - Shaanxi History Museum, Xi'an Beilin Museum, called as "stony library", together constitutes core content of Xi'an tourism.

Famen Temple is the only found royal temple of Tang Dynasty with the finger bones of Sakyamuni currently, more than 2400 items of rare cultural treasures dug in its underground palace showing rich Buddhist culture.

The strategy of "the Belt and Road" injected new vigor for Shaanxi tourism development. Domestic and foreign tourists received in whole province were 386 million in 2015, total tourism revenue of RMB 300.58 billion Yuan. The increasing ranges are respectively 35% and 41% compared with that of 2013.

Friendly exchanges becoming a favorite tale

Shaanxi is the "heart" of Chinese history and culture, with lots of precious cultural relics left by such 14 dynasties as Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang, which is the important place for foreign politicians to visit China. Standing on the most complete ancient city wall so far in the world and wandering in various historic museums around Shaanxi, we can deeply feel the unique charm of Chinese civilization and lasting vitality of five thousand years.

Shaanxi actively blends in large diplomatic pattern of the state, complying with and serving national opening to the outside world. Since the reform and opening up, total more than 200 foreign leaders and politicians have been received in Xi'an.

Many foreign leaders coming to China for visit ever left a message and expressed their feelings after arriving in Xi'an:

"The oldest culture in the world makes us exclaim. We are deeply moved to visit the ancient civilization, for it is worthy of praise that Chinese culture and tradition are protected so carefully and shown to people.

"I'm completely moved to come to the great city with history and civilization. In Xi'an, the friendly exchange between China and India started, saluting to your great country and people.

"I'm so glad to visit the museum, and the historical site told us the history of ancient China. After visiting this historic site, we will find that the Chinese people have had a great power and splendid civilization! Their ancestors have wrote a long and profound history, and today they are making every effort to build a new era of civilization. Wish People's Republic of China more prosperous to achieve more progress.

In fact, Chang'an city in Tang Dynasty has already been an open city. It was recorded in Tang Liu Dian (administrative low) that the Tang Dynasty had connection with more than 300 countries and regions, a large number of foreigners came to Chang'an from the land or by sea every year. Shang'an has Hong Lu Temple, Concierge Department and other agencies to be responsible for reception. Linde Hall in the Palace of Tang Dynasty is one of the important places to receive foreign envoys in Tang dynasty. The 61 statues of Kings, Foreign guest and Envoys in front of the Qian Mausoleum buried the emperor Li Zhi and the Empress Wu Tse-tien together with the Concierge Picture on the east wall of the Zhanghuai Prince's tomb vividly depicts the friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries in the Tang Dynasty.

In the new stage, "Belt and Road" Initiative brought new hope, new prospect and new impetus to the development of world economy, and foreign affairs have become the significant force for building new heights of inland reform and opening up as well as the important node of "Belt and Road".

Last year, Shaanxi held the "Belt and Road" Senior Customs Forum, 2015 Euro-Asia Economic Forum, Economic Cooperation Activities Week of Shaanxi, Gunangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, Central Asian Tour of the Shaanxi Characteristic Products, Shanghai Cooperation Organization Commodity Fair and other activities successfully. Governments set up the stage and corporations put in the show, fully make use of the diplomatic resources to develop new ways and provide investment policy and information for the corporation cooperation.

Currently, Shaanxi has established 79 pairs friendly cities with 32 countries, high-level exchanges and business cooperation are carried out in those friendly cities, provide more opportunities and exchange platform for bringing in and going out. Where there is friendly city, there is promotion work, tentacles of exchanges and cooperation.

Shaanxi has coordinated and organized the Northern Shaanxi Drum, Chang'an drums went to the foreign country (overseas) to participate in the "Italy - Chinese Culture Year" "Russian - Chinese Culture Year" and other international cultural exchange activities several times, made Glowing Red Morningstar Lilies well-known in foreign countries, had Shaanxi cultures and charms surging overseas.

By organizing various forms of public diplomacy and cultural exchanges, Shaanxi has enhanced mutual understanding and friendship with the world. In 2015, more than 272 foreign journalists in over 130 news agencies in more than 30 countries have told Shaanxi stories to the world, spread Shaanxi voice, passed the Chinese image, Chinese development and Chinese opportunity to the world.

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