Draw a New Picture of Shaanxi by Leap-forward Development

2017-01-15 14:13:23 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Long folk art attracting foreign tourists

Water of the Yellow River seems to pour from the heaven, running and breeding preparatory rising of human ancestors in the old field, even pouring the elegance and brilliance in east of Chinese nation in the world history; the towering Qinling Mountains are divided into south and north by many smaller mountains, depicting distant dragon root of Chinese civilization and unyielding backbone, nourishing ancestors and modern people in Shaanxi.

Time passes for a new millennium. Since the 18th National Congress of CPC, following the central strategy guide of "the Belt and Road" construction and abiding by new round of national policy of China Western Development, new Shaanxi towards the world is showing its surprising another "aspect" to people: in recent years, all people of Shaanxi Province, through difficulties, by seizing opportunities and exploring with innovation, usher in the great development of economic society, opening up new field of various causes, drawing a magnificent development prospect for Shaanxi.

Now at its best, Shaanxi takes giant strides in making itself stronger and its people richer; and the local people, upright like well-received Terra Cotta Warriors, unleash their bold prowess in this era.

Past events including the "strong Han dynasty and prosperous Tang Dynasty" have gone. Standing on the important node of "the Belt and Road" is the developed and open Shaanxi that moves out of the history and embraces the future with indisputable attitude.

Rich Shaanxi: towards a powerful province in West China

Turn over a book of China map, Shaanxi just located in the middle part of the west on broad layout, linking the east to the west and connecting the south to the north.

Under the policy guide of "the Belt and Road" initiative and new round of western great development, Shaanxi has focused on the theme of scientific development and enriching people and strengthening the province in recent years and accelerated transforming economic development way as main line, laying solid foundation, grasping opportunity and rising above, transforming the bottleneck factor and limiting development into new advantage of regional competition:

During "the 12th Five-Year Plan", the total output value of Shaanxi increased by 11% annually average, the whole province annually average realizing GDP of 2.2 times of that during "the 11th Five-Year Plan" and 5.7 times of that during "the 10th Five-Year Plan", with the economic development growth in the first nationwide for continual ten years, influence of "Shaanxi speed" and "Shaanxi efficiency" attracting the attention from the world. The index of building a comprehensive well-off society reaches 87.38%, increasing by 17.6 percent points in past five years, and Shaanxi has stepped into moderately developed province rank steadily.

RMB 13.2 billion Yuan in 2000, 21.5 billion in 2005 and 78.5 billion in 2010.... the annual average investment for traffic construction increased by 20%, in past five years, the total distance of Shaanxi expressway open to traffic has broken through 5,000km, basically realizing traffic open between counties. People, logistics and fund flow coming even make Shaanxi people have smooth transportation.

"Open the door to welcome guests and attract talents", open Shaanxi promoted the economic industry from structural adjustment and optimization & upgrading towards export-oriented development with high-spirited and progressive broad mind.

During the period of "the 12th Five-Year Plan", total output of Shaanxi food is continually kept above ten million tons, total area of fruits planting reached 18.92 million mu and total output reached 16.5 million tons, realizing area and output "continual increase by 15", in which the total output of Shaanxi provincial apples occupied a quarter nationwide and one seventh of the world, apples planting area and output stably in highest in the country. The industrial structure is transformed from energy and chemical leading to emerging industry and service diversification support, non-energy industry increase higher than energy industry for continuous three years, the added value of strategic emerging industry occupying 9.7% of GDP, proportion of cultural industry reaching 5% and that of service industry reaching 42%... "Industries combination punches" got a good start of Shaanxi brand, showing "Shaanxi ambition", and innovative drives become a sharp sword for Shaanxi to enhance industry competitiveness.

As a powerful province in science and education with cultural context of long standing, the scientific progress index of Shaanxi province ranks 7th nationwide. Today there are various technical personnel of over 1.1 million around Shaanxi, with 55 technical personnel per ten thousand people, 18 higher than the national average level. Currently, Shaanxi has 885 scientific research institutions, 33 military research institutes and 17 national key labs, 78 colleges and universities building up 126 national level key subjects, ranking 4th nationwide. Xi'an is core Guanzhong hi-tech industry development zone, and has become a new highland for domestic high-end talent gathering, scientific results transformation and strategic emerging industry rising... Led by technical innovation, Shaanxi is striding forward western powerful province at faster speed.

Harmonious Shaanxi: livelihood manifesting development quality

March forward regardless of hardship, with fruitful results. Standing in Shaanxi as the new starting point of history, behind the background of the pleasant development data manifested not only speed and fervor.

It is not clear about which development for, good GDP just statistical figures; no answer about for whom development, majestic and powerful design can also become "mere paper talk". Shaanxi adhered to the people oriented policy and made the development effect recorded in each smile of vast territory of Shaanxi, red holy place, bright pearl at the Frontier and beautiful Qinling-Dabashan area.

Economy is on red all the way, the pocket of the masses also in full: per-capita income of Shaanxi urban and rural residents is increased respectively from RMB 5,124 and 1,470 Yuan in 2000 to 26,420 and 8,760 now, which increased by 11.5% and 14% annually in past five years, ranking front of the country. The growth rate of farmers' per capita disposable income is higher than that of urban residents for continuous 6 years.

Water of the Yellow River seems to pour from the heaven, running and breeding preparatory rising of human ancestors in the old field, even pouring

Making the promise of "new increase of 80% financial resources every year and 80% of financial expenditure put in livelihood", Shaanxi played the battle song - make the elderly looked after. In 2011, 107 counties of Shaanxi Province had realized full coverage of basic endowment insurance system of urban and rural residents in advance, with the urban and rural number of insured reaching 15.37 million, above 65 old people having physical examination for free, life health allowance of the very elderly granted from over 80 to over 70 years old.

Make the sick have access to medical care. New rural cooperative has realized full coverage, basic medical and health institutions realizing "three unities" of medicine, rural reproductive age women of the province free for checking and treatment, benefiting 5.96 million women, with the medical guarantee capacity largely improved and medical reform experience known as "sample of Shaanxi" of the country.

Make learning from teaching. The allowance standard per capita for first-grade preschool students reaches up to RMB 1300yuan, 839 kindergartens are newly built, and 29 counties for balanced development of compulsory education are built; gross enrollment rate at senior high school stage reaches 96%, enrolling proportion for college entrance examination reaches 80.6%, and helping system for students from poor families is to be further improved.

Make people settle down. During "the 12th Five-Year Plan" period, Shaanxi built 2,340,400 sets of government-subsidized housing, completed 1,300,300 sets, occupied 1,098,000 sets, with occupancy rate of 84.44%; 971,900 houses received accumulated rental subsidies, which solved housing problems for 2,272,200 houses (7,316,500 people), and housing construction ranks top of the country. By the end of 2015, input capital for immigration relocation in Southern Shaanxi was 59.5 billion yuan, relocating 324,000 (11189 people); poor population in three cities of Southern Shaanxi reduced by more than 500,000, per capita income for masses moved rose to 7478 yuan in 2014 from 4151 yuan in 2011. Urbanization rate increased by 7.9 percent points, reaching 53.6%, and 6,150,000 rural residents became the new citizens.

Make people live a happy life. Based on 30 major cultural project, establish public culture service system; the popularization of rural broadcasting is realized, carry out more than 3000 sessions for all kinds shows by purchasing public service forms, 47,000 sets for fitness equipments, and public service system of culture deeped into town and country.

Beautiful Shaanxi: ecological picture and green scene

It will develop rapidly in magnificent revival road.

Today's Shaanxi land has not only self-confidence and mind spanning historical mutability, tiding times, but also carries strong sense of all-round rise and emerging opportunities.

From the Central Shaanxi Plain to plateau of Shaanxi and further to landscape in Southern Shaanxi, there emerges an ambitious Shaanxi striding towards a new future.

Shaanxi will continue to fully promote treatment for Weihe river, comprehensive improvement for Hanjiang River, hydraulic engineering construction for Hanjiang-to-Weihe River, recover back to beautiful scenery: "the 12th Five-Year Plan" period was a "golden age" of hydraulic development history in Shaanxi province; to realize three goals including breaking through water resource bottleneck constraints, improving flood hazard mitigation ability and improving aquatic ecological environment, modern water framework from south to north and west to north has been built through the province. In the past five years, accumulative investment was 104.8 billion yuan for water in Shaanxi province, and key hydropower projects to be planned were entirely commenced and comprehensive treatment and Hanjiang-to-Weihe River project, construction for reservoir in Doumen were accelerated, newly-increased water supply capacity was 1.54 billion cubic meters.

The loess was blown, vegetation coverage in Shaanxi Province was advanced by more than 400 kilometers to north, and green has increasingly become dominant color in Shaanxi land: so far, shelter forest system construction zone in Shaanxi province has been distributed in five geomorphologic regions, including windy and sandy section along great wall, loess hilly and gully region in northern Shaanxi, loess plateau region on north side of Weihe River, central Shaanxi plain region and Qinba Mountain Region, covering 93% counties, i.e., 83% population, 97% national territorial area and 100% desertification and soil and water loss area. At present, 5 large wind prevention and sand fixation belts with more than 2000 kilometers including boundary of Shaanxi-Inner Mongolia, along the Great Wall, north root of Baiyu Mountain, and along the Yellow River, have been built, which realized historical transformation from sand-oriented to people-oriented.

During "the 12th Five-Year Plan" period, Shaanxi also launched "pollution control and smog reduction for blue sky". For example,  680,000KW small power plant was shut down in the past five years, 13,700,000 tons backward production capacity including cement, coke, papermaking, calcium carbide, iron alloy were eliminated, sewage treatment rate reached 83%, and garbage treatment rate reached 85%. At the same time, Shaanxi also newly built 2 forest type nature protection area, which newly promoted 8 national level nature protection areas; there are 53 national level and provincial level nature protection areas in Shaanxi province so far. In March, 2015, the 4th investigation results for panda in Shaanxi Province showed that wild pandas in Qinling Region was about 345 population, which significantly increased compared with that in the 3rd investigation a decade ago, with 26.4% growth ratio, ranking the top in the country; overall status for population for Panda in Qinling is stable and vibrant, population density is 0.10 per square kilometer, ranking as the largest. "Ecological beauty" is becoming a beautiful card in Shaanxi Province.

Under such feelings, with long history, splendid culture and full of vigor, Shaanxi stands a new start and outlines a glorious blueprint; based on this background, with prosperous economy, harmonious society and good eco-environment, Shaanxi is presented to us more wonderfully, which makes rich, civilized, practical and vigorous Shaanxi people create new glory!

A green, modern, open, harmonious and uprising new Shaanxi will be presented to us soon!

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