Global Presentation of Shaanxi Food by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attracts Foreign Ambassadors to Have a Taste

2017-01-14 14:11:20 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Sauced Beef in Central Shaanxi

On July 5th, the global presentation of “An Open China: Shaanxi Engaging the World” was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People’s Republic of China.  After the event, leaders and diplomatic envoys attended the presentation of Shaanxi cuisines and tasted Shaanxi local foods.

Shaanxi cuisines boast a long history and a wide variety. Well-known cuisines, such as biang biang noodles, lamb stew of bread, cold steamed noodles and Rou Jia Mo, are popular among Chinese and foreign guests. After the presentation in the morning, leaders and foreign guests attended the presentation of Shaanxi cuisines. It was reported that the presentation themed “Tasting Shaanxi Cuisines” was organized by Shaanxi Tourism Hotel Group, with Zheng Xinmin acting as the general counselor, who was a senior Chinese cooking master, the third-generation lineal heir of modern Shaanxi official cuisines and counselor of Haishi Shaanxi Cuisines Restaurant.

At the cuisines presentation, the Chang’an Roasted Chicken was the first course served, followed by Central Shaanxi sauced beef, nine-holed lotus root with tribute rich, imperial concubine’s shrimp balls, Hengshan mutton, Heyang snake-headed fish, chicken breast with egg white, west-Shaanxi horse hooves, Islam Rou Jia Mo, Yanchuan date cake, Ningqiang walnut cake, Qianxian guokui and Huaxian colored buns, which highlights regional features and delicacies.

Nine-holed lotus roots with tribute rice

Imperial Concubine’s shrimp balls

Hengshan mutton

Black snakehead of Heyang

Jinqian facai

Ginger bean knot

Box tofu

Chang'an roasted whole chicken

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