Global Focus on "Shaanxi Engaging the World”

2017-01-14 14:04:28 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On July 5th, the global presentation of “An Open China: Shaanxi Engaging the World” was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People’s Republic of China. Diplomatists from 134 countries and representatives of international organizations participated in the event.

On the site of "An Open China: Shaanxi Engaging the World - Global Presentation held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs", six series of exhibitions including "open Shaanxi, civilized Shaanxi, rich Shaanxi, harmonious Shaanxi, beautiful Shaanxi and innovative Shaanxi" demonstrate the unique charm of Shaanxi in culture, science, technology and zoology in front of global diplomats, enterprise representative of Fortune Global 500 and media reporters.

 Reporter said, "on the presentation activities, the culture became an eye-catching business card of Shaanxi. The artifacts including paper cutting, clay sculpture and Yaozhou porcelain tell the unique and long-standing culture. Masters prepared interactive sections and let the participants experience the unique charm of Shaanxi culture.

Ukrainian ambassador to China was deeply attracted by the amazing design of a kind of pot made from Yaozhou porcelain. He repeatedly consulted and learnt its principle, hoping to bring it to Ukraine.

He said, "I am very fond of Yaozhou porcelain which is a peculiar porcelain of Shaanxi. In my opinion, it is the second cultural feature except for the Terra-Cotta Warriors. I am willing to bring Yaozhou porcelain to Ukraine and let more Ukrainian understand it. We have a critical relation with Ukraine. We will enhance the cooperation with Shaanxi by virtue of "Belt and Road" opportunity.

On July 5th, the global presentation of “An Open China: Shaanxi Engaging the World” was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People’s Republic of China. The diplomatic envoy showed their interests in VR robots.

David Morris, the Chief Representative of Trade and Investment Commission of Pacific Islands Forum, had passed Shaanxi. After he experienced the manufacturing flow of  the ladle-shaped facial mask, he was full of praise.

He said, "It makes me feel the inclusive Shaanxi culture." It's my honor to make rubbing by my own. It is an exquisitely charming type in traditional Chinese culture. This presentation can improve our mutual understanding and provide more cooperation opportunities for us in its favor.

Many ambassadors to China found more cooperation opportunities with Shaanxi in other aspects except for the culture.

George, Botswana ambassador to China, said, "I just learnt that Shaanxi modern agriculture has achieved many great achievements. It made me sigh with emotion. We want to cooperate with Shaanxi on the agriculture sector. In my country, our own food production cannot meet our requirements, therefore, we are eager to learn the modern food production and process technology.

Bassam Manasir, Armenian ambassador to China, said, "I find Shaanxi has strong advantages in equipment manufacturing. We will enhance the cooperation with Shaanxi on this aspect later. Especially for high-end equipment manufacturing, I am very concerned about the cooperation prospect between Armenia and Shaanxi. It is extremely important to us."

Reporter said, "In the innovative Shaanxi exhibition area, there is a special exhibition stand attracting many participants' attention. It is the VR passive robot. The robot can imitate all my actions by virtue of collection clothes that I am wearing. Now, I will show you. Say "Hello" to everyone. Move your fingers. Look, it is flexible. This robot can not only imitate human's activities, but can carry out the explosive handling or investigation activities in some dangerous areas. They can replace the human to strut their stuff.

The CBBC China's president said, "Many of companies in Britain show their interests on Shaanxi. The artificial intelligence robot now is an advanced scientific research direction. Next, we will bring some of them to carry out in-depth understanding on how to apply the robots into real life.

In the innovative Shaanxi exhibition area, Shaanxi demonstrated its advantages and achievements in science education resource, innovation reform and advanced technology by means of pictures in light box, showed its leading achievements om 3D printing, cultural innovation product and modern agricultural technology by means of material object model.

Alex Nyikos, PM of Canada China Business Council , said, "It is a great presentation. It is very helpful for us to learn about Shaanxi. Shaanxi has its great advantages in high-tech and agricultural industries. We hope to carry out the more extensive cooperation with Shaanxi on the aviation and modern agriculture.

The excellent presentation also attracted over 100 reporters from 56 media around the world. They frequently took pictures of high-tech model show including new energy automobile and intelligent robot.

A reporter from India said, "People all over the world know Terra-Cotta Warriors in Shaanxi. It is rarely known to those beautiful natural landscape and rich natural resources. Besides, Shaanxi has so many advanced science and technology. Therefore, I plan to mainly introduce Shaanxi to India from aspects of traveling and high-tech.

A reporter from Associated Press of Pakistan came to the exhibition room very early. The high and new technology in agricultural industry and miraculous 3D printing technology attracted her attention.

She said, "Pakistan is a good friend of China and one of very important countries along the 'Belt and Road'. Shaanxi has leading advantages in science and technology. I will report the excellent objects to Pakistan. I hope they can cooperate with Shaanxi."

Wang Yi, the Minister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed in the exclusive interview to demonstrate more aspects of Shaanxi to the world and promote the closely connection between countries around the world and Shaanxi.

Wang Yi said, "We mainly present our central and western regions, hope our central and western regions can achieve more rapid development by virtue of 'Belt and Road' and can expand their openness. As a vital province and a place of strategic importance in central and western regions, Shaanxi is also the starting point of ancient Silk Road. Of course, we shall present Shaanxi to the world. We will spare no pains to help Shaanxi.

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