Advanced Research Institute of the Belt and Road Musical Culture of XACM Unveiled

2017-12-05 10:20:32 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On December 3rd, the Belt and Road Institute of Music and Culture of Xi’an Conservatory of Music is unveiled, aiming to strengthen music culture and art exchanges among different countries and regions along the Belt and Road. This event plays a vital role in inheriting and promoting the excellent music cultures of Shaanxi and Northwest China and helps to set up a new platform for the promotion of Shaanxi cultures .

Founding of the Institute is a positive attempt in implementing the practice of Xi Jinping’s new era of literature and art and advance the building and development of the Belt and Road Initiative around China and in Shaanxi. The Institute covers a variety of topics such as the Belt and Road literary and art think tank, the Silk Road chorus, the young artist scheme, the Silk Road musical instrument studies and the Silk Road music creation. Along with the opening of the Institute, the Belt and Road Music Culture Academic Week also kicked off which includes 9 activities, including the soprano Reggae roots trip folk songs and folk songs concert forum, Chinese vocal academic exchange, Ballet Session, the Silk Road Music and Dance Dictionary Compilation Seminar, etc.

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