Taiwan Students' Travel in Shaanxi

2017-11-27 10:52:41 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On Nov 21, when the Taiwan young students’ tour in Shaanxi themed “Chinese Civilization Passed down from Generation to Generation”, which was organized by Cross-Strait Tourism Association and undertaken by Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission, came to an end, students expressed that they benefited from this fascinating and interesting activity.

Scholars, wearing Chinese clothes and hats, made a bow to Confucius in the Guanzhong Academy with their hands folded in front, which allow them to experience what a state of ceremony would be like. While learning calligraphy from teachers in the Academy, scholars found themselves in the Han Dynasty. “It is amazing to see one write so graceful and elegant Chinese characters with a brush! There was a time when Taiwan practiced calligraphy, but this is my first time to see a place with such a large-scale collection of fine calligraphy.” scholars were amazed at the magnificent storage of calligraphy in the Forest of Stone Steles Museum.

“Personally speaking, I’m very fond of Xi’an. I ate lamp stew of bread in Muslin Quarter, explored the mystery of the time-honored Famen Temple, and appreciated the spectacular Terra-cotta Warriors these days. Clothes and ornaments of Han nationality, etiquette and Calligraphy are what I have learned from books, but now I had a close contact with them in the flesh. I benefited a lot from my experience of trying all these.” said Chen Youkai, a college student from Taiwan.

“I was deeply impressed by this study tour as it is very interesting and fascinating. We watched Dharma Legends in Famen Temple, tried clothes and ornaments of Han nationality, visited Terra-cotta Warriors and Huaqing Palace and ate delicious foods. All these revived from my impression and allowed me to have a close contact with the profound history in person. Scholars’ visiting scenic spots and historical sites enabled us to feel the traditional Chinese culture and Shaanxi’s profound history. I hope the study tour can be organized in a more frequent manner so as to strengthen exchanges and interactions between the mainland and Taiwan. We also extend warm invitation to people in Shaanxi to go sightseeing and enjoy delicious food in Taiwan”, said Xiao Yufen, a teacher from Soochow University (SCU) in Taiwan.

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