Shaanxi Belt and Road Portal Officially Launched

2017-11-29 09:50:27 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On November 27, Hu Heping, Provincial Committee Secretary and Governor of Shaanxi Province, launched the ceremony of Shaanxi Belt and Road Portal (, an important carrier to publicize the Belt and Road in Shaanxi province, which was guided by Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission.

Under the new opportunity of the Belt and Road, Shaanxi, the starting point of the Silk Road, heavily prompted the construction of the Belt and Road to serve our country. Besides, at the beginning of 2015, Shaanxi Information Center opened the website of the Silk Road Economic Belt, showing constructive achievements and promoting the spirit of the Silk Road. Afterwards, on September 29, 2017, Shaanxi Belt and Road Portal (beta version) was put on service officially and authoritative Wechat and Weibo were also published.

Shaanxi Belt and Road Portal, whose principal tasks were communicating information, understanding policies, delivering civilization and so on, was based on the basic situation of Shaanxi province and strategic positioning, aiming at expanding the scale and influence of new constructive results, attracting companies to seek chances to invest and cooperate, establishing the information bridge between governments and the society, etc..

Setting up 8 level-1 columns and approximately 30 level-2 columns, the Portal hosted many activities, such as launching the large fourth-anniversary achievement exhibition of construction of the Belt and Road in Shaanxi. Additionally, the column of think tank alliance, gathering intellectual resources from think tank institutions, experts and scholars, to offer intellectual support for the construction of the Belt and Road in Shaanxi province. Currently, Shaanxi Belt and Road Portal has made connections among key enterprises, financial institutions, research institutions and so on. Furthermore, it also sets up sharing mechanism to exchange information.

With comprehensive and deep advancing of the establishment of the Belt and Road in Shaanxi, the website will extend comprehensive service function, as well as other featured functions, including multilingual support, big data inquiry and analysis and information and law consultation.

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