The World's Longest Water Conservancy Tunnel - Qinling Tunnel Exit Section Linked up

2017-11-28 11:47:22 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The 6500m Qinling Tunnel Exit Section of Hanjiang-to-Weihe River Valley Water Diversion Project by the 2nd Company of China Railway 17 Bureau Group was linked up on Nov 25, signifying a major construction achievement in the world’s longest water conservancy tunnel. It also broke the domestic tunneling record of tunnel construction through drilling & blasting, single direction ventilation and flexible transport.

Segment excavation method is applied to the Hanjiang-to-Weihe River Valley Water Diversion Project which runs across the Qinling Mountains with total length of 98 km. The exit section, which locates in Zhouzhi County of Shaanxi Province, is the key control section of maximum construction difficulty.

The construction technicians introduced that the worldwide problem of tunnel ventilation has been compounded by small cross dimension of Qinling tunnel, merely accounting for 1/3 of railway tunnels. During construction, multi-stage wind stations have been innovatively constructed by technicians from the 2nd Company of China Railway 17 Bureau Group. A pressure station and a transformer station have been constructed at 3000 m inside the tunnel to meet the demand for electricity during construction.

It is anticipated that the project will be completely linked up by the end of 2020. After completion, the total water diversion volume of 1.5 billion cubic meters will benefit 14 million people and greatly ease the water shortage in Xi’an and central Shaanxi area.

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