2017 Yangling International Agri-science Forum Opened

2017-11-07 15:50:21 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

2017 Yangling International Agri-science Forum was opened in the Northwest A&F University on November 5. Liang Gui, Executive Vice Governor of Shaanxi and Li Xingwang, Secretary of the Party committee of the Northwest A&F University delivered a speech at the forum.

Liang Gui asserted that the past ten years saw the forum evolving into a critical platform where agricultural experts from home and abroad exchanged ideas, discussed policies and conducted negotiations and cooperation. Agri-science staff should, as is indicated at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, make pioneering efforts to contribute to the agri-science development of China and beyond. Shaanxi province will stay tuned to the food safety, intensive process of farm products and agricultural modernization and remain committed to scaling new heights in agriculture and rural areas.

Li Xingwang suggested that all the scholar and experts should work together to make major breakthroughs on scientific front and tackle technical difficulties in the field of modern food safety. As such, we can achieve integrated and innovative development in terms of policies concerning food safety and nutrition and health.

Themed by “Food Safety: Nutrition, Health and Policy”, the forum has under its umbrella two topics including food nutrition and health and food processing technology. The above-mentioned topics have attracted extensive discussions among representatives from 9 countries.

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