The Global Hard & Core Technology Conference 2017 Opened with Over 5000 Attendees

2017-11-08 10:00:13 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The Global Hard & Core Technology Innovation Conference 2017 was opened in Xi’an on November 7. Of all the 5000 attendees, over 1000 of them are Nobel Prize winners, academicians and experts from home and abroad, leaders of sci-tech enterprises and famous investors.

Under the guidance of the innovation-driven development, Xi’an embraces unprecedented opportunities in its development. However, the city lacks a symbol that is commensurate with its capability in technological innovation. To this end, the Municipal Government of Xi’an has put forward a development philosophy with “Hard & Core Technology” at its core. On top of that, the city has put in place a industrial cluster represented by eight industries including aircraft, optoelectronic chips and new energy. This is how the city embarks on a development path featuring “Hard & Core Technology Changes the World, Shapes the Future and Enhances Xi’an.”

As the proposer of hard & core technology philosophy and co-founder of CASSTAR, Mi Lei considers the conference not only as a concrete measure taken to promote the sharing of ideas but a good opportunity to encourage the inflow of resources, talents and information in Xi’an.

The Global Hard & Core Technology Conference 2017 serves as a platform where a wealth of premium hard & core technology, talents and resources for technological innovation will be diverted to Xi’an. As such, the city will be crowned as the “Capital of Hard & Core Technology”.

Centering on such fields as artificial intelligence (AI), aircraft, biotechnology, optoelectronic chips, information technology (IT), new materials and energies, intelligent manufacturing, the conference consists of 16 activities including an opening ceremony and summit forum and 15 sub-forums. The main activities fall on November 7 and 8.

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