Shaanxi - the First Province to Implement Electronic Taxation on Non-tax Incomes

2017-10-12 09:28:15 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Recently, the Non-tax Revenue Collection Management System of Shaanxi Province is successfully interconnected with the TIPS platform of the People’s Bank of China, which incorporates electronic collection of non-tax revenue into the TIPS platform and makes Shaanxi the first to implement the electronic taxation for non-tax incomes.

The system has been operating normally for the past few days, realizing the provincial instant pay-in treasury and data sharing for non-tax incomes, and substantially improving the taxation efficiency and income quality. Eliminating the false from government revenues, the system modifies the mechanism to prevent and solve some local problems of fake-increased incomes and delayed inventory funds.

It is reported that the non-tax income is an important part composing the government revenue in Shaanxi. Increasing by 16.5%, from RMB 123.17 billion yuan in 2011 to RMB 143.49 billion yuan in 2016, it facilitates social causes for the whole province. Accompanied by rapid growth for economy and government revenue, problems such as detained, delayed or even fake-increased incomes are found in some regions of Shaanxi, which, to some extent, hinders the budget execution.

Since this year, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Finance, by detailed studies together with PBOC Treasury Department, proposed and notified a work plan of provincial electronic taxation for non-tax incomes. Such practice establishes a proper function mechanism for the electronic taxation, defining that all non-tax incomes shall be taxed via the taxation system that is uniform throughout the province, and that funds failing to be approved by the system shall not be taxed. The plan also requires all non-tax incomes collected by the system be remitted into the National Treasury automatically and daily. In this way, PBOC National Treasury would transfer funds directly from non-tax agent banks, according to the data provided by the taxation system, so as to maximize the integrity and authenticity of government revenues.

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