Silk Road Book Trade Fair Hosted by Shaanxi

2017-09-28 11:24:26 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On Sept 26, co-sponsored by Shaanxi Xinhua Publishing & Media Group, Library Society of Shaanxi Province, Library Association Gansu Province, Library Society of Ningxia Hui Automatous Region, Library Society of Qinghai Province and Library Society of Xinjiang Uygur Automatous Region, the 5th Reading Festival in Shaanxi Province & the 5th Shaanxi (West China) Silk Road Book Trade Fair was inaugurated in Xi’an.

Under the theme of “reading, etiquette and civilization”, and integrated with functions of reading promotion, exhibition, sales and pre-order, library service and group buying, the book fair until Sept 28 has arranged exhibitions of quality books, theme books, library collection books, newly launched books and stationery. More than 35 thousand kinds of publications offered by more than 200 publishing houses all-over China were on display.

During the Book Fair, the organizing committee organized a series of reading activities: Silk Road series book promotion, promotion of quality publication with national awards since the 18th CPC National Congress and new book launch; theme exhibition area for major publications on President Xi Jinping and books on the Communist Party of China. Meanwhile, Xinhua Bookstores of different levels in Shaanxi also held sub-session activities such as book signing promotion, theme book exhibition and mobile book shelves. The Book Fair has promoted the “nation of readers” in Shaanxi and strengthened the cultural ties between regions in northwest China.

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