"All-in-One Certificate and One Unified Code" Reform Officially Launched in Shaanxi

2017-09-28 10:50:32 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

According to the press conference held by Shaanxi Provincial Government News Office, the “All-in-One Certificate with one unified code” reform will be launched soon and implemented before Oct 1. Applicants wanting to start a business now need to submit “a set of materials” to apply for only one business license with unified social credit code instead of multiple certificates as before. The practice will combine 54 certificates into a single certificate.

Since the commercial system reform in Shaanxi on January 1, 2014, the reforms of “three certificates in one”, “five certificates in one with one unified code” and “two certificates in one” for individual industrial and commercial entities have been carried out successively. The “All-in-One Certificate with one unified code” reform has been carried out to optimize registration & approval process and accelerate the efficiency of business registration. The present reform will integrate the former five certificates-an enterprise's business certificate, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, social security registration certificate and statistics registration certificate, and two certificates-business license of individual industrial and commercial entity and organization code certificate with 49 kinds of registration procedures, which used to be issued by different departments, into the single business license to realize “54 certificates in one”.

Upon the submission of “a set of materials” by applicants, the application will be handled by the “single window system” offered by regulatory authorities. The business license with exclusive social credit code will go public on National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System (Shaanxi) and public credit information platform for coordination between administrative departments. There will be no need for applicants to spend extra time and energy in person on incorporating relevant certificates into one.

“On one hand, by reducing the cost of investment and business start-up, the reform has provided efficient and streamlined process to shorten the enterprise application period. On the other hand, a platform for information sharing has been established for administrative departments to better supervise the enterprises,” said Wang Jide, Director of Shaanxi Administration for Industry and Commerce.

To better implement the reform, Shaanxi will strengthen coordination and communication among departments through the establishment of cross regional and multilevel information exchange data sharing mechanism based on the public information platform.

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No Need to Renew the Former “Five Certificates in One” Business License

After the “All-in-One Certificate with one unified code” reform, there is no need to renew the former issued “five certificates in one” business license. The former business license remains valid and no additional procedures are needed. The enterprise information will be updated by the industry and commerce departments and sent to supervision department. The business license without unified code shall be submitted for license renewal procedures before the end of 2017, and the renewal procedures are the same for enterprises that haven’t gone through the business license procedures of “three certificates in one”, “five certificates in one” or “All-in-One Certificate with one unified code”. The industry and commerce department will offer one-stop service when issuing “one certificate with one unified code”.

“Oriented by the philosophy of one-stop approval, the reform will provide streamlined administration and facilitation service, in which 54 certificate approval procedures are being incorporated into one,” added Wang Jide.

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