The 2nd Silk Road Business Summit to be Held in Xi'an

2017-09-06 09:54:00 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The second Xi’an Silk Road Business Summit is to be held in Xi’an on Sep. 8th, when distinguished guests from over 60 countries along “the Belt and Road” will gather in the ancient city to discuss over business cooperation and mutual development.

In the first Silk Road Business Summit of last September, business associations and international organizations from the 59 countries along the Silk Road had issued Xi’an Declaration which called for the establishment of a cooperative platform to serve as a liaison for the construction of “the Belt and Road” and international cooperation. The present summit, aimed to “build the mechanism and platform for the Silk Road commercial and trade cooperation”, consists of keynote speeches, six parallel panels, and four themed activities. It will promote sharing of new achievements in commercial and trade culture, establishment of a community of common interest, responsibility and future, and building of Xi’an into an international metropolitan city.

A number of practical cooperative programs will also be launched during the summit. Participants will jointly issue Xi’an Consensus for Building a Community of Human Destiny, sign on the proposal for jointly establishing the trade rules and standards for international trade in cultural and artistic products, initiate the link between “on-line Silk Road” and Beidou system application, start the trade platform for silk road cultural and artistic products and the Silk Road cross-border financing lease association. At the same time, the International Chamber of Commerce for Silk Road will sign over 10 contracts, including a cooperative memorandum for students aid fund, with Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia (TRACECA) and Lebanese Economic Union. A Silk Road rock painting exhibition and a display of cultural boutiques from silk road museums will also be held. Especially, the first batch of 30 Ukrainian students have been enrolled at Xi’an universities on Sep. 1st for their college education, supported by the “Silk Road Sunshine” public welfare fund.

Up till now, there are about 100 foreign guests from over 60 countries, including state dignitaries, government officials, representatives of international organizations, diplomats and entrepreneurs, who have confirmed their attendance at the summit. Over 400 domestic entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and representatives from financial institutes are on their way to the summit.

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