Zhuang Changxing Meets with Romanian Guests

2017-09-04 09:54:31 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Zhuang Changxing, secretary of the Publicity Department of the provincial party committee, met Marina Alhazan, the famous hostess of Societatea Romana Televiziune and her delegation on August 31st.

Zhuang first extended his welcome on behalf of the provincial Party committee and government, and introduced the general social economic situations for the delegation who was going to film a documentary in Shaanxi. He said that “the Belt and Road” initiative had drawn world attention to Xi’an as the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, and Shaanxi had strengthened cultural, commercial and trade cooperation with countries along the silk road route. He hoped that the visiting guests could take the opportunity of documentary filming to further familiarize with Shaanxi, deliver Shaanxi messages and tell more Shaanxi stories, attracting more Romanian people even the world citizens to Shaanxi.

Marina Alhazan responded that they would make the better use of the media to contribute to the bilateral friendship and Shaanxi development.

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