Hu Heping Meets with Guests Attending the Summit Forum of Chinese Concentrated Granules Standardized and Industrial Development

2017-08-10 09:52:22 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

In the afternoon of August 8, Provincial Governor Hu Heping met in Xi’an with the guests who attended the Summit Forum of Chinese Concentrated Granules Standardized and Industrial Development, including Executive Director of Hong Kong Cheung Kong (Holdings) Zhao Guoxiong, Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Committee of CPPCC Fan Yanqing, President of China Pharmaceutical University Lai Maode and Chairman of Changzhou Fang Yuan Pharmaceutical Ge Xiaohu, and so on.

According to Hu Heping, Shaanxi is a big province of Chinese medicine resources and an important origin of Chinese medicinal materials in the whole nation. At present, we are promoting the development of various areas in accordance with the positioning of “catch-up and surpassing the advanced economies” and “five down-to-earth promotes” Requirements proposed by President Xi Jinping to Shaanxi, especially focusing on deepening supply-side structural reform of Chinese medicine, and making efforts to build a strong province of Chinese medicine. We hope that while strengthening the cooperation with Shaanxi in Chinese medicine, all the distinguished guests will further expand the cooperation fields to realize complementary advantages and win-win development.

Zhao Guoxiong and some other guests said that as the development prospect of Shaanxi was broad with huge potential, where especially the investment environment was advantageous, they would further expand investment and broaden business area in Shaanxi.

The Forum was hosted by China Pharmaceutical University and Ankang Municipal Government by inviting specialists of the filed of Chinese medicine to discuss, which was of great significance in promoting the Chinese medicinal materials standardized and industrial development as well as the poverty alleviation in Qinling-Bashan Mountainous areas.

Secretary General of the Provincial Government Cheng Guoqiang and other leaders attended the meeting.

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