"Xi'an Gift" Builds Sheer New Tourism Commodity Experience Platform

2017-08-08 09:30:41 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

One August 4, a 2-meter terra cotta warrior stood at the site of Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo 2017 (XSRITE), making the booth named“Xi’an Gift” to attract so much attention.

Taking red as the main keynote for display racks, “Mr. Mo”, a tall ceramic boy fully in armor, “Little Tang Emperor” and “Little Tang Consort”, prototyped on Emperor Xuanzong and his beloved imperial concubine in the Tang Dynasty, and “Darling Tang”, inspired by maiden servant of the Tang Dynasty, has drawn attention of many visitors.

A group of “Shaanxi opera moppets” won over many visitors. As the moppets impressed people with their “bronze bodies”, “oval faces” or “square faces”, one can also find “ladle face” here. The “ladle face” moppet, with body follows He Zun (ritual wine vessel) decorative pattern, has inscribed word “China” on his chest and is dubbed “Mr. Roar of Shaanxi Opera”. Besides unique face patterns, buyers can also create “appearances” for those moppets, endowing them with sheer new life. Apart from those moppets full of Shaanxi elements, various articles of daily use including purses, mirrors, hairpins and hand fans, painted with cartoon images, perfectly meeting the demands of young people.

In November 2016, Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Tourism and Xi’an Tumbler Enterprise Brand Marketing Corporation jointly launched “Xi’an Tourism Commodity R & D Base” to erect a tourism brand featured with Shaanxi characteristics – “Xi’an Gift” , having hundreds of cultural creation products taking inspirations from Huaqing Palace Heritage Site, Emperor Qinshihuang’s Terracotta Army Museum and Famen Temple.“Xi’an Gift” integrates Shaanxi elements with modern arts, expressing the history and culture of the province in a vivid way. The efforts both meet market demands and bring culture from scenic spots to life, building a brand new tourism commodity experience platform.

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