The Early-maturing Apples in Fuping County of Shaanxi Province Sold Well in Russia

2017-08-07 11:20:50 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The early-maturing apples in Fuping County are ripe; the passion fruits which were originally produced in Brazil now grow well in Yulin and are mature now; and the blueberries in Taibai County are ripe enough to harvest.

Fuping County in Weinan: early-maturing apples sold well in Russia

At present, the early-maturing apples produced in Fuping are mature. Located in transition zone between Central Shaanxi Plain and Loess Plateau, Fuping has advantages of high altitude, thick soil layer, plenty of sunshine and significant day and night temperature difference, and counts as a land suitable for apple planting. The latest quality gala apples with sweet taste have gained widespread popularity in Russia, so almost all the gala apples produced from planting area of 50 thousand mu will be exported to Russia. At present, the apple-planting area in Fuping reached 220 thousand mu with fruit output value of RMB 1.05 billion.

Shenmu County in Yulin: passion fruits on the market

A kind of southern fruit named passion fruits which were originally produced in Brazil are on the market in Shenmu, Yulin. After test and promotion, this kind of fruit is suitable to be planted in greenhouses in the north. At present, the average fruiting rate of 60 passion fruit plants reached 300 to 500. As a rare fruit with pleasant taste in the north, the passion fruits sell well even when they are priced at RMB 100 per kilo.

Taibai County in Baoji: blueberries of 1500 mu yield up a rich harvest

The largest blueberry production base of 1000 mu in northwest China is ready to harvest. With altitude of 1700 m, Taibai County has plenty of sunshine, significant day and night temperature difference and long fruiting period. In recent years, in addition to vegetable planting structure and variety adjustment, Taibai County has introduced high quality blueberry industry with high returns. More than 600 farmers are working in the blueberry garden with minimum monthly income of more than RMB 2000, making blueberry industry a new economic growth point.

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