“2017 Huangling Memorial Ceremony by the Youth from Both Sides of Taiwan Straits” to be Held in Shaanxi

2017-08-07 10:55:51 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The "2017 Huangling Memorial Ceremony by the Youth from Both Sides of Taiwan Straits" will be held in Shaanxi from August 7 to 14. Up to 1000 participants including officials from Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council of PRC, Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Shaanxi Provincial Government, Taiwan VIPs and young students, the youth representatives of Taiwan and university students in Shaanxi will gather at the Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor to attend the memorial ceremony in honor of Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan, the ancestor of Chinese nation who had initiated Chinese civilization.

As the first cross-straits exchange base approved by Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor is the spiritual home of all Chinese people at home and abroad and the national holy land to inherit and promote the Chinese culture. The Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor, as a platform for the exchange and cooperation between the youth in Taiwan and on the mainland, will play a unique role in promoting the peaceful development of the cross-straits relationship and boosting the reunification of the motherland by its cultural resources.

General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thought on Taiwan affairs will be implemented thoroughly and the concept of "both the mainland and Taiwan belong to one China" will be followed throughout the activity in honor of Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan. "Chinese stories" and "Shaanxi stories" will be introduced to the youth from Taiwan to let them understand and experience the splendid Chinese history and culture and the contemporary economic and social development in Shaanxi Province. The series of activities will enhance national identity and spirit, inspiring the youth from both sides of Taiwan Straits to make every endeavor to bring about a new peaceful situation between the mainland and Taiwan and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The ceremony was sponsored by Taiwan Affairs Office of Shaanxi Province, Memorial Service Office of Shaanxi Province, Huangling County People's government and cosponsored by Shaanxi Administration of Cultural Heritage, Shaanxi Provincial Administration for Religious Affairs, Shaanxi Youth Federation, Taiwan Affairs Office of Weinan, Shaanxi Normal University, Northwest University and Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology Huaqing College.

The ceremony includes rich contents of root seeking and worshiping of ancestors, exchanges of culture, education, Buddhist culture and news, cultural and creative industries, and Taiwan minority art performance, boasting the most magnificent exchange activity between the youth from both sides of Taiwan Straits in recent years.

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