Newly-added Registered Capitals of over RMB 100 Billion Yuan of Enterprises in the Pilot Free Trade Zone of Shaanxi

2017-07-07 08:35:37 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Yesterday, it was learned from the Provincial Department of Commerce that total 3,028 enterprises including 28 foreign enterprises with new registered capital of RMB 116.76 billion Yuan were newly registered in Shaanxi Pilot Free Trade Zone since April 1 of this year when it was opened until June 30.

It is known that, led and organized by the Provincial Industrial & Commercial Bureau, the policy of “acceptance at one counter, examination and approval in series, integrating multiple certifications and licenses into one consolidated business license and joint organizing” for market entry has been achieved through deepening the reform of the commercial systems as a breakthrough, thus the time for business registration has been reduced from 7 working days in the past to 3 working days or less, even some business registration can be completed within 1 day. Xi'an City expanded the joint businesses into 19 items and launched 702 items of “not more than one time” for administrative efficiency reform. Yangling Demonstration Area expanded the service functions of the service hall featured in “acceptance at one counter” in the area to the 13 commercial banks and 6 Trade and Industries all over the area, which gave convenience to enterprises for business registration nearby. As of June 30, total 3,028 enterprises including 28 foreign-funded ones have been registered in Shaanxi Pilot Free Trade Zone with new registered capital of RMB 116.76 billion Yuan.

At the same time, the administrative examination and approval system reform is solidly promoted. Led by Shaanxi Provincial Commission Office for Public Sector Reform and according to the principle of “the power can be released, carried on and managed well” and “one batch will be released when it is matured”, solidly promote 213 administrative matters at provincial level released and commissioned to the Pilot Free Trade Zone (where 36 administrative matters were released and 177 ones were commissioned). As of June 25, 32 released administrative matters have been implemented and total 151 power of attorneys have been signed for the commissioned administrative matters. Additionally, 2 released authorities and 8 commissioned administrative matters have been communicated and carried on and the formalities are under way now.

In the past 3 months, all areas of Shaanxi Free Trade Zone introduced a series of policies attracting foreign investments and recruiting talents in view of their own industry characteristics and function positions, among of which Xi’an City introduced “23 New Policies for Talents” for creating a talent base for “Belt and Road”. Xixian New Area published 5 groups of preferential policies for attracting foreign investments as to headquarters economy, aviation industry, energies and financing trade, and etc., to attract enterprises to settle in the New Area.

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