An Informal Discussion by Wei Zengjun and Chairmen of Qin Entrepreneurs’ Associations at Home and Abroad

2017-07-06 09:34:20 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

In the afternoon of July 5 when the 8th Annual Global Conference of Qin Entrepreneurs was convened, Vice Governor Wei Zengjun had an informal discussion with Presidents and famous representatives of the Chamber of Commerce for Qin Entrepreneurs home and abroad.

Wei Zengjian firstly extended a warm welcome to the presidents and famous representatives of the Chamber of Commerce for Qin Entrepreneurs home and abroad. After listening to the statement made by the representative of the Qin Entrepreneurs, Wei Zengjian said that Shaanxi is the common home of all Central Shaanxi Plain’s people including the Qin Entrepreneurs all over the world and the rapid development of Shaanxi in recent years was inseparable from the support and efforts of most of Qin Entrepreneurs. He also expected that Qin Entrepreneurs could be more concerned about development of Shaanxi, actively participate in home construction and played a greater role in some important industries and areas while they were continuously making progress by themselves. He finally hoped that most of Qin Entrepreneurs should actively participate in construction of the “Belt and Road” so as to take the initiative into the general interests of our country; actively adapt to the new normal and drive more people into innovation and venture; don’t forget your native folks when you become rich and actively back to Shaanxi to discuss cooperation when you enjoy speedy development outside Shaanxi; create well-established credit management for group development.

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