Shaanxi Built 9 Wetland Natural Reserves and 38 Wetland Parks Already

2017-06-16 13:50:14 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

From June 12th to 14th, 2017 annual meeting of the Yellow River Wetland Conservation Network and the Yellow River Wetland Conservation Conference was held in Xi’an. Personages in charge of wetland preservation from the nine provinces and regions along the Yellow River as well as from Xinjiang, Liaoning, together with experts and scholars in the field exchanged ideas on problems concerning the preservation and management of the wetlands along the Yellow River, and made suggestions as to the cooperative protection and systematic recovery of the wetlands.

Wetland protection along the Yellow River has made some progress in recent years. However, due to multiple factors, the project is facing special conflicts and problems, such as the superimposition of water shortage and water quality deterioration, degeneration of the ecological system of the wetlands in the origin and upstream system of the Yellow River, the shrinkage of wetlands in the middle and downstream regions plus their decrease in ecological carrying capacity, and the still weak wetland preservation and management system, all of which await great efforts in solution.

Shaanxi Province attaches great importance to the wetland preservation; it has issued a series of regulations and rules such as Regulations of Shaanxi Province on Wetland Protection and List of Important Wetlands in Shaanxi Province, etc. The Province has already built 9 wetland natural reserves and 38 national wetland parks, covering a total area of 223,000 hectares; 38.3% of the whole wetlands in Shaanxi has been included in the protective system. Strengthening the ecological protection and management of the wetlands and recovering their ecological capacity is a basic requirement in the further development strategies of big Xi’an, and an important index in the construction of the ecological civilization. The improvement and perfection of legal regulations has greatly enhanced wetland preservation in Xi’an. At the same time, the ecological recovery of “the eight waters around Chang’an” effectively contained the water quality deterioration in the rivers in Xi’an city and greatly improved the environment.

Experts in the conference agreed that more work should be done in the protection, recovery and building of national wetland parks, and in the perfection of the wetland protection and management system. The government, as the main body of wetland preservation, should insist on high standards and strict requirements, contributing to the national construction of ecological civilization and a beautiful China.

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