Flower-drum Modern Drama Daideng Staged at Central Party School

2017-04-21 09:41:22 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On the night of April 11th, large-scale Shangluo flower-drum modern drama Daideng was put on performance at the auditorium of Party School of Central Committee of C.P.C in Beijing. He Yiting, Executive Vice President of Party School; Huang Haotao, Zhao Changmao and Wang Dongjing, Vice Presidents of the Party School and Shaanxi Provincial cadres including Zhu Lieke and Wang Yongming attended the performance.

Performed by Shangluo Troupe, Daideng is based on the novel by a famous Shaanxi writer Jia Pingwa, with Daideng as the heroine who worked diligently and dedicatedly in the countryside. From the perspective of a grass-roots cadre, the drama revealed the noble spirit of Party cadre within the context of a developing contemporary China.

The brilliant performance brought the house down. Daideng is the only Shaanxi drama listed on the program of National Drama Festival of Local-drama by Middle-aged and Young Performer hosted by Ministry of Culture and has been honored as major literary and artistic works by Propaganda Department of Shaanxi Province.

As a “land of natural abundance” with Qinling Mountain as protective screen and Weishui River passing through, after thousands years of development, Central Shaanxi is now confronted with the problem of ecological pollution. So the concept of modern pastoral style Shaanxi featuring flower, water and culture has been framed. An environmental-friendly Shaanxi with distinctive cultural characteristics is our ultimate aim and worth our best endeavors.

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