MA60 Remote Sensing Aircraft Made a Successful Maiden Flight in Yanliang District, Xi’an

2017-03-20 11:14:26 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On March 9, Modern Ark 60 (MA60) remote sensing aircraft, jointly developed by domestic enterprise of Xi’an Aviation Base - AVIC Xi’an Civil Aircraft LLC and Chinese Academy of Sciences made a successful maiden flight in Xi’an Yanliang Airport. The successful maiden flight embodies that we have made an important step in trail flight of remote sensing aircraft, and will provide theoretical foundation and improvement direction for trail flight of following functional researches and airworthiness type certification flight tests.

At 10:37 a.m. of March 9, after short high speed sliding, in roar of engine, MA60 remote sensing aircraft took off from the ground and flied into the skies rapidly. After an hour and two minutes, the aircraft fulfilled all flight tasks, at 11:39, it showed his face again and landed steadily with normal condition and good flight performance. The maiden flight was accomplished successfully.

MA60 remote sensing aircraft is a special aviation remote sensing earth observation aircraft designed and remolded on the basis of MA60. MA60 remote sensing aircraft is equipped with advanced onboard satellite communication system, onboard operation management system, high-precision stabilized platform, and position and attitude measurement system, etc. achieving strong aviation remote sensing information acquisition function, information-integrated processing and management function. MA60 remote sensing aircraft adopts high-performance remote sensing equipment independently developed by China. In remote sensing, according to different operation requirements, it can choose (or combine) different remote sensing equipment to meet the requirements of conducting scientific experiments and acquiring aviation remote sensing essential data for the country. Cooperation of several aircrafts can realize multi-stations, multi-angle simultaneous observation, and support the development of distributed satellite observation technology. Chinese Academy of Sciences and AVIC Xi’an Civil Aircraft LLC will jointly retrofit two MA60 aircrafts. Modification design, producing, and trial flight of the aircrafts will conform to relevant technology standards of CAAC, follow relevant airworthiness procedures of CAAC, and apply for Supplementary Type Certificate (STC) in aviation authority.

Since the establishment of AVIC Xi’an Civil Aircraft LLC in 2015, Xi’an Aviation Base has, by taking MA60 and MA 600 as the lead, MA700 as main power, realized prominent industrial cluster effect in civil regional aircraft locally assorted by suppliers. In future, Xi’an Aviation Base will further perfect regional aviation industry chain, gather innovative aviation talents, provide powerful policy support and service for enterprise development, and attract more supporting enterprises to enter the base.

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