Shaanxi Established the First Refund Supervision Center for Tourism Shopping Goods

2017-03-20 11:02:28 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On March 4, Lintong District of Xi’an established the first Tourism Shopping Goods Return Supervision Center in Shaanxi Province. This organization specializes in dealing with return of goods bought in the journey in Lintong District, sets up unified return process, standardizes return of goods, deals with return complaint, and promises to accept return of goods for any reason within thirty days. Tel: 86-029-83820789.

According to Goods Return Specification of Lintong District Tourism Shopping Goods Return Supervision Center, all goods accepted to return shall be from tourism shopping enterprises approved by national or regional standard. Conditions for acceptance includes: within thirty days from the purchasing date; without physical or chemical property changes due to man-made reasons; and offer the sales invoices. The goods can be returned within thirty days from the purchasing date (the date on the sales invoices) without reasons, can be exchanged from the thirty first day to the ninetieth day from the purchasing date, and cannot be returned or exchanged from the ninety first day.

After tourists apply for returning or exchanging and the tourism shopping enterprises verifies that the tourist information is right, the note is complete, the goods are in good condition and do not affect secondary sales, the refund of eligible tourist goods will be completed in five days from the day receiving the tourist’s goods.

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