70 Scenic Spots Listed as Improvement Projects of National Cultural Tourism, Including Huashan Mountains in Shaanxi

2017-03-17 17:40:15 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The other day, the National Development and Reform Committee (NDRC) issued the Execution Program for Improvement Projects of Cultural Tourism during “the 13th Five-year”, which involved 70 items, including Xianyang City Relics, Historical Cultural Street of Hancheng City, Protection and Utilization Facilities of Qinqiang Art, Huashan Scenic Spot, and Zhongnan Mountain World Geopark in Qinling in Shaanxi Province.

It was reported that the promoting projects on cultural tourism during “the 13th five-year” takes improving cultural tourism development quality and benefit as center with the purpose of promoting conservation and inheritance of valuable heritage resources and playing positive roles of cultural tourism for developing citizenship education, accelerating transformation and upgrading of local economic structure, and driving economic and social development in old revolutionary base area, regions inhabited by ethnic groups and poverty-stricken areas. Project library of this project mainly contains national key cultural relics protection units, national famous historic and cultural cities, national intangible cultural heritages, national forest parks, and key tourist destinations. Among 70 items listed in this project, there are 42 national key cultural relics protection units and 11 key tourist destinations. The Execution Program of Promoting Projects on Cultural Tourism during “the 13th Five-year” specifies capital source and central allowance and investment standard of the project construction. In principle, percentage of central allowance and investment in western area is 80%. For national construction projects of protection and utilization facilities of culture and natural resources, it can apply 3.2-12 million Yuan as the central allowance capital based on the specific type.

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