Shaanxi Takes Initiative to Build the “Airport Economy” Industrial Chain with the Help of the “Belt and Road” Opportunity

2017-03-14 13:46:28 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Aiming at the opportunity and change from the implementation of the “Belt and Road”, Shaanxi province attracts outside investment and talents by taking airport new city and Xi’an Xianyang International Airport as a geographic core to build the “airport economy” industrial matrix based on “four centers”.

Xinhua News Agency Xi’an, March,7th (reporters Shi Zhiyong, Zhang Bin)

As growth pole, “airport economy” which gathers people, logistics, information and capitals attracts much attention. Aiming at the opportunity and change from the implementation of “the Belt and Road”, Shaanxi province attracts outside investment and talent by taking airport new city and Xi’an Xianyang International Airport as geographic core to build “airport economy” industrial matrix which takes “four centers” as core. Taking both aviation logistics, aviation maintenance, manufacturing and aviation headquarters economy as dominant position and building “airport economy” industrial chain, industrial combined effect in Shaanxi has been revealed increasingly. Expect for attracting outside investment and talent, it becomes the new engine to stimulate the regional economy transformation development.

The proposing and steady progress of “the Belt and Road” take the new change and opportunity for the open-door to the outside world of inland areas of west China and take the new opportunity for the construction of “Air Silk Road” and the development of “airport economy”. XiXian New Area in Xi’an, Shaanxi has been approved as the seventh national level new area in 2014.As one of “five top clusters” of Xi Xian new area, airport new city has been approved as experimental plot of Xi’an National Aviation City by Civil Aviation Administration of China in May and becomes the first national level airport economy which takes the development of aviation city as location. Depending on the unique advantage of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, airport new city has became the international aviation hub of the Shaanxi construction and the main force and bridgehead of the construction of “airport economy.”

- The initial formation of “airport economy”. In recent years, through the measures of re-planning, re-locating, the exploitation of regional characteristics and the optimizing of environmental foundation, airport new city has formed 4 centers, including aviation trade logistics, international aviation services gathering, international exhibition culture creativity and ecological agriculture and characteristic town. The new city forges “Big Xi’an Aviation Service Functional Zone” and expands “airport economy” industrial chain.

- Aviation trade logistics center. Through the construction of comprehensive communication hub “railway + expressway + aviation”, the logistics and people gathering can be accelerated. In terms of the construction of aviation e-commerce logistics park, industry cluster, including bonded logistics center, free trade metropolitan and aviation freight forwarder industrial base, have been formed. Meanwhile, it gathers 18 projects, including global logistic properties, sino-trans logistics center, Huahan aviation logistics center, and achieves the title of the first batch national demonstrate logistics park.

- International aviation services gathering center. Through the development of aviation maintenance, aviation components manufacturing and pilot training, it builds aviation enterprise CBD. The center simulates airplane maintenance industry with the gathering effect of aviation enterprise. The scale of the industry is expected to reach several billions. Meanwhile, depending on the national level new area- XiXian New Area and Shaanxi free trade area “double-national-level” platform, the center could develop aviation headquarter economy.

- International exhibition culture creativity center. Through the historical cultural resources endowment, the center could develop the culture creativity, culture tourism and international exhibition and construct culture and art communication platform and creativity base. “Around at the airport, the cost is low, the efficiency is high and the resource waste is less.” He Jian, the director of management committee of airport new city said that we will build exhibition center around the airport to stimulate the multiple consumption like hotel consumption and shopping.

- Ecological agriculture and characteristic town demonstration center.  Airport new city has covered only 36 square kilometers. The rest of hundred kilometers are ecological agricultural land. In order to improve the land utilization rate, the center has introduced ecological agricultural and beautiful town to improve the overall environment and to help the industry agglomeration. Taiping airport agricultural demonstration park has been promoted to operate. Green vegetable and fruits which are produced and marketed on their own are 84 thousand catties. Meanwhile, based on the area characteristics, the center will build leisure town with slow life, historical culture town and aviation town

At present, with the continuous entering of high quality projects, airport new city industry cluster has been formed constantly and airport industrial chain has been expanded constantly. “Big Xi’an aviation service functional area” has been formed gradually. In terms of the construction of aviation e-commerce logistics park,3 industry clusters, including bonded logistics center, free trade metropolitan and aviation freight forwarder industrial base, have been formed. The industry clusters take both import-export trade, cross-border e-commence, bonded aviation materials, aircraft financing and leasing, international freight forwarding and aviation logistics as development objects. At present, 18 projects, including global logistic properties, Sinotrans logistics center, South China Airlines Logistics Center, have been gathered. Among of them, seven project have been accomplished. Bonded logistics center has been into operation. The value of import and export in one quarter is nearly 60 million yuan during the trial operation. It is expected to accomplish about 40 customs declarations which from America, France, Germany, Japan and Indian in full year.

In terms of international aircraft maintenance and training industry, the heading maintenance enterprises which takes Eastern Airlines technique as representative have been gathered. Four projects, including Eastern Airlines hangars and other projects, have been into use. Six projects are in the construction and ten projects are in negotiation. The great maintaining project of Eastern Airline-Saifeng undercarriage which is Sino-French joint venture has been signed in Zhuhai Airshow on November,1.The project has became the first maintenance project which is invested by undercarriage original manufacture. The investment amount has achieved 70 millions dollars in the first term. It attracts 8 projects, including Beijing Kerongda and Shanghai Hugang, which rank fifth in maintenance industry to enter the park to incubate.

At present, the aggregation effect which is from Shaanxi “airport economy” advantage is highlighted. Xi’an Xianyang international airport is promoted to “international hub airport open to west” from “national regional aviation hub”. Airport new city has opened 9 cargo lines. The network topology of all cargo of “going up to the north and down to the south, entering in the east and exiting from the west” has formed initially. Cargo throughput has increased to nearly one million tons in 2016 from 0.6 million tons in 2015.....Meanwhile, airport new city of Xi Xian new area of Shaanxi already has owned both a national open port, the biggest aviation logistics hub in northwest region and airport comprehensive bonded area with the most perfect functions. The advantage of skill and cost in international express transportation, aircraft maintenance, civil aircraft final assembly and hi-tech manufacturing is highlighted.

In addition, many enterprises get benefit from the “aviation hub” whose status continuously strengthen. The export sales of Meiguang Semiconductor (Xi’an) Co., Ltd. which located in Xi’an high-tech district accounted for 40% of Shaanxi province. However, limited by the air lines, the export cargo can be sold to the world via Beijing, Seoul and Guangzhou. It is so inconvenient. The cargo air line from Xi’an to Guangzhou has opened in April,2016,which has saved time and cost greatly. By the end of December, the cargo air lines from Xi’an to Guangzhou has ran 56 times steady. The air line has became the important channel for enterprises in Shaanxi to take part in international competition and division of labor.

He Jian said, “The ‘airport economy’ airline development serves as the base,  the goods consolidation as the key and the policy as the assurance.” Therefore, they will launch policies of industry and talent support constantly, improve supporting service, pay a return visit to the enterprises regularly, solve the problems on-site and fulfill the propose of attracting investment.

As the important hub of “the Belt and Road” and strategic frontier of “open to west”, Shaanxi free trade zone has been approved officially in August,2016. Depending on national level new zone and free trade zone “double-national-level”, airport new city could develop aviation headquarter economy. Since the promotion of overall plan in Silk Expo, each airlines has a powerful responses. At present,9 projects, including Shenzhen airlines, Sichuan airlines and northwest air traffic management bureau have entered the zone. Among of them, the investment of 4 is more than 1.5 billion yuan. Hainan airlines ground service Shaanxi branch has entered and started business. Chang’an Airlines operation base has started working. Northwest quarter of South airlines is excepted to sign up within the year. Huaya Airlines has accomplished register. The gathering situation of aviation enterprise CBD has formed initially.

He Jian said, depending on the favorable opportunity of free trade zone construction, airport new city will fight for the construction of aviation logistics center and attract airport enterprises which have free trade functions. Hereby, it could promote function transformation and institutional change, provide convenient and freedom service. Making the functions of free trade zone to radiate surrounding provinces to improve the further development of “airport economy”.

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