Shaanxi to Implement Simple Cancellation of Enterprise Registration Today

2017-03-13 17:55:20 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Yesterday, the reporter was informed by Shaanxi Administration of Industry and Commerce that Shaanxi will put into action the simple cancellation of enterprise registration reform within the province today and will spare no effort to solve the problem of “being easy to enter the market but difficult to exit” and further improve the exit mechanism for the market main bodies.

The simple cancellation of registration reform of enterprises mainly targets the limited liability companies, unincorporated enterprise legal person, individual business establishment and partnership which receive the business licenses but not operate and no credit and debt incurred before application of cancellation of registration or the credit and debt are liquidated completely. And the enterprises complying with conditions of simple cancellation of registration can choose the regular cancellation procedure or the simple cancellation procedure independently. The enterprises that the people’s court rules to liquidate or declare bankruptcy can also apply the simple cancellation registration.

The simple cancellation of registration is not applicable for enterprises in any of 8 situations, including enterprises are listed in the abnormal operation list or the serious violation of laws or dishonesty list, enterprises’ stock rights (investment interests) are frozen or pledged or are in chattel mortgage, or enterprises are filed and investigated, or are under administrative coercion, judicial assistance or administrative punishment.

Compared with the previous system, the simple cancellation of registration of enterprises fully implemented simplifies the handling procedure, cancels the step of filing of members of liquidation team and changes the announcement release way. The enterprises can release the simple cancellation announcement to the society via “National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System” independently. Besides, it reduces the application materials prepared by enterprises, so there is no need of liquidation report, investors’ resolution, tax clearance certificate, filing certificate of the liquidation team and paper sample of announcement publicity. Within 45 days of announcement period, the related interested party and relevant government sectors can raise objections and briefly state reasons in the Notes for Objections, special column for Announcement of Simple Cancellation of Registration in the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System. After expiration of the announcement period, the enterprises applying for simple cancellation of registration should submit the Letter of Commitment by All the Investors signed by the such investors. Materials submitted to the registration authority for application of simple cancellation should be genuine and legal.

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