Free Tickets to Some Xi'an Tourist Attractions

2020-03-09 10:52:54 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

As parts of the city begin to return to life, several of the tourist sites around the city are offering freeentrance tickets in March to help alleviate the stress of citizens and tourists alike. The Xi'an City Wall and Tang Paradise Gardens are offering free online reservations to those that register with their service. For the time being, you will be required to register online before going, as they are trying to control the number of people who enter the sites at the sametime.  

You can register for your tickets through WeChat up to seven days in advance, though be warned. 13 million other people are contending for the limited number of spots and the tickets for each day tend to disappear quickly. It might be advisable to try for the tickets as soon as they become available, seven days before your intended date. We managed to snag one for the city wall at around 10 AMone week in advance. 10 minutes later, all of the tickets were sold out. Also, you can only get one ticket per ID, so each person in your group will need to individually register. So, if you're still willing to try, follow the instructions below to get your ticket.

1 Tang Paradise Gardens

For those who don’t know, the Tang Paradise Gardens park is devoted to the glories of the Tang Dynasty. Though the indoor attractions remained closed, you can still promenade around the grounds and take in the sights, as long as you stay 1.5 meters away from others.

* Step1:  Follow the offical Wechat account

To access your free tickets, search for and follow theofficial WeChat account“大唐芙蓉园”(datangfurongyuan). Then click on the left pop-up menu at the bottom of the pagelabeled购票通道. You can choosenight time tickets or day time tickets.

*Step 2 (A):Day time tickets

If you select the day option, you will register your information as seen on the form below, after selecting your date.

One thing we should note is that the option for changing to a passport as ID type seemed to be broken when we tried this, so this option might not be available to those not holding a Chinese ID card. Let us know if you have better luck.

*Step 2 (B): Night time tickets

Selecting the night option will take you to the following menu. Despite the date selection tool seeming to allow you to select any date, you can still only book one week in advance.

Once you have your ticket, you will need to have your digital ticket,一码通QR code, ID/Passport, and a mask to enter the park.

2 Xi’an City Wall

Ticket for the Xi’an City Wall can be obtained through a mini-program called遇见城墙(yùjianchéngqiáng). After opening it up and giving it permissions (it asks for both profile and phone information), you will be confronted with this menu.

Then you are all set! Bring this ticket, your一码通, passport, and a face mask to the south gate entrance of the city wall. You will need to wear the mask for the duration of your visits and stay 1.5 meters away from other visitors.

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