What the situation in Shaanxi is like

2020-01-30 11:29:06 , Source : CNWEST

By 14:00, January 29 2020, 56 confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) had been reported. And additional 389 people were suspected of having close contact with the patients, out of 1288 in total.

How Shaanxi Takes Action:

Make Comprehensive Deployment and Arrangements

Jan 25, 2020

Shaanxi Province launched Level I response to major public health emergencies.

Jan 27, 2020

Shaanxi provincial government issued the Announcement on the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia Outbreak Caused by the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), specifying 22 measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus in five aspects: strengthening organization and leadership, reinforcing prevention measures, maintaining stricter control, making all-out medical efforts; and improving safeguard system.

According to the Announcement, all cities, counties (districts), townships, communities and villages must establish leadership groups or public prevention and control organizations to cope with the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus with principal Party and government leaders as the person-in-charge. Coordinated and timely actions should be taken to enforce strict prevention and control measures among the public.

Emphasize Epidemic Surveillance

Triage practice has been enforced and 164 fever clinics have been set up to improve the capability of hospitals and institutions for disease control and prevention in diagnosis and information reporting.

Big data has been utilized to feedback the information on people of concern to local authorities in a timely manner so as to enforce prevention measures accurately.

People who had travelled from Wuhan to Shaanxi recently are being monitored more closely for precaution.

Make All-out Medical Treatment Efforts

Medical treatment specialist groups have been set up on the provincial and municipal levels.

Work manuals for treatment of the pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus have been compiled and issued and proper personnel training is being carried out.

Information on 129 designated hospitals in the province has been released that cover provincial, municipal and county levels.

Resources and specialists have been pooled for the treatment of patients in designated hospitals.

All the 46 confirmed cases so far are now being treated in designated hospitals. No one died of the disease.

Infection control in hospitals has been improved to prevent nosocomial infection. So far no medical staff has been infected.

Strengthen joint prevention and control

Strict control of vehicle traffic in key areas has been enforced and temperature screening has been carried out in airports, railway stations, bus stations and other places.

“Community publicity, community investigation and sanitation treatment" practice has covered all communities, and 1,596,100 households have been investigated to get hold of information on people who travelled from Wuhan to Shaanxi recently.

All large-scale mass gathering activities have been canceled, and the trade of wild animals and the sale and killing of live poultry in the farmer’s market has been strictly prohibited.

The commencement day of colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens has been postponed.

The end of Spring Festival holiday has been postponed to the ninth day of the first lunar month as required by the State.

Prevention manuals have been distributed to the Consulates in Shaanxi, and comprehensive evacuation for foreign nationals in Shaanxi has been conducted.

Guarantee Material Supply

Financial organs at all levels have allocated funds in a timely manner to ensure material reserves for prevention, control and treatment of the epidemic.

Checks have been carried out on the production capacity of related protective products, drugs and Chinese medicinal decoction pieces.

Pharmaceutical enterprises that collect and store protective substances and undertake emergency reserves responsibilities have launched emergency plans, and begun to control the total amount of related drugs.

At present, 12 kinds of protective materials have been partially stored, 6 kinds of sterilization materials have been sufficiently stored, and test kits have been stored to guarantee orderly supply to medical institutions and drug circulation market.

Medical protective clothing production enterprises have been appointed, raw materials have been purchased to ensure full capacity production, and negative pressure ambulance production enterprises have been in full-capacity operation.

More qualified enterprises have been mobilized to speed up production and ensure the daily protection needs of the people.

Efforts have been made to stabilize the supply of water, power, gas, heating and other means of production as well as the supply of rice, flour, edible oil, vegetables and other means of livelihood.

Efforts have been made to strengthen law enforcement on the prices of relevant materials, and measures have been taken to severely crack down on price fraud, counterfeiting and other crimes and acts that disturb public order.

Active efforts have been made to seek external support, contact enterprises outside Shaanxi province and seek social donations.

137 medical staff have been sent by Shaanxi provincial government to Wuhan City to support the prevention and control of the epidemic in accordance with overall national deployment.

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