International friends promote Xi'an Chinese New Year celebrations

2020-01-23 10:42:49 , Source : Xi'an China

Recently, a group of international friends in Xi'an made multilingual recommendations for the "Enjoy Chinese New Year in Xi'an" program in their native language.

Most of them in the video have worked and studied in Xi'an for many years. Together with their Xi'an friends, they have tasted Xi'an local dishes like biangbiang noodles and Chinese hamburgers, as well as visited the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and Terracotta Warriors, witnessing the city’s rapid development.

Today, a growing number of expats work, study, and live in Xi'an, where they are enchanted with the ancient city and appreciate its unique charm.

The "Enjoy Chinese New Year in Xi'an" program has been launched by the Xi'an municipal government, as part of the Xi'an Chinese New Year celebrations.

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