Additive Manufacturing and Design Innovative Forum held in Xi'an

2019-09-24 09:10:15 , Source : Chinadaily

The Additive Manufacturing and Design Innovative Forum, one of the sub-forums of Eurasian Economic Forum - Silk Road International Innovative Design Week 2019, was held on Friday in Xi’an, Shaanxi province in Northwest China to further promote the industry’s development.

The forum convenes in Xi’an on September 20.

Experts, scholars and industry elites from all over the country made speeches about the advanced achievements of the incremental manufacturing industry in breaking through industry barriers, fully demonstrating the enormous potential of the development of the additive manufacturing industry endowed by innovative design and describing the future of the incremental manufacturing industry.

Zhu Gang speaks at the forum.

Zhu Gang, Deputy Chief Engineer of the National Additive Materials Manufacturing Innovation Center, presented Additive Materials Manufacturing from three aspects: forward design process equipment, optimization based on Simulation Analysis and study of mechanism models.

“For additive manufacturing, materials, equipments and application are indispensable,” Zhu said.

Associate Professor Han Bin

Han Bin, associate professor at the Institute of Innovative Design of the National Institute of Additive Manufacturing, said that additive manufacturing has a very high degree of manufacturing freedom, which is an important basis for the realization of innovative design. At the same time, innovative design can maximize the advantages of additional material manufacturing.

He believes that by advanced simulation and optimization, additive manufacturing can comprehensively consider structure, performance, process and functional effects to achieve innovative design, ultimately satisfy the needs for improved efficiency and reduced weight, and obtain new functional materials, which would reduce the number of parts.

Lu Changde of Northwest Polytechnic University

Professor Lu Changde of Northwest Polytechnic University shared a report on Intelligent Manufacturing and Innovative Design.

Lu said that it was time to look for industrial design with Chinese characteristics. “Design circles and designers should have the goal of exploring the design with Chinese characteristics. Sooner or later, we will turn Made in China into a proud Chinese design. This period is not far away; our designers and friends should work together for the goal,” Lu said.

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