12 parks will be free for the public in Xi’an

2018-11-25 13:01:39 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

According to the requirements on the demolition of the fence walls around the parks and opening them to the citizens for free by the CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee as well as the arrangements by the People’s Government of Xi’an City, the fence walls in the Lianhu Lake Park, the Revolution Park, and other parks under the city- or district-level administration in Xi’an will be demolished, and by the end of December this year, these parks will be open to the public for free.

A special session held by the Government on November 1st discussed questions like the demolition and opening of the parks. Functional departments including the Xi’an Municipal Bureau of City Administration were required to open the parks and build a livable environment for the public based on the experience of other cities. In the meantime, they were expected to speed up the process of the demolition and opening of the parks, and to actively create open, convenient and vibrant public spaces and blocks for the citizens, which will allow them to get close to nature.

12 parks without fence walls will be available for free by the end of the year

The Suggestions of the Xi’an Municipal Bureau of City Administration on the List of Parks that Will be Demolished Fence Walls and Open to the Public for Free was issued on November 12th. At present, 82 parks are available for free across the city, among which, 62 are available without fence walls, 17 are available for free with fence walls, two are charged with fence walls and one park is charged without fence walls. 20 parks included in the list will have their fence walls demolished and then be open to the public without charge.

12 parks are planned to have their fence walls demolished by the end of December, 2018. These parks include seven like the Revolution Park and the Lianhu Lake Park under the city-level administration and five parks like the Children’s Park and the Huancheng Xiyuan Park under the administration of districts and development zones. Four parks such as the Labor Park, the Huancheng Park, Fenghuang Pool Ecological Park and the Xi’an Hancheng Lake National AAAA Tourist Attraction will remove the fence walls by the end of December, 2019.

Great efforts will be made to complete the demolition in a limited time

The Emergency Plan on the Fence-Wall Demolition of the Parks under the City-Level Administration and the Safety Facilities Improvement of Landscapes (hereinafter referred to as the Plan) based on the policy of “One Park with One Plan” was developed. The Xi’an Urban and Rural Construction Commission, the Xi’an City Planning Bureau, the Xi’an Municipal Cultural Heritage Administration, the Xi’an Public Security Bureau, and other organizations and experts were invited to discuss related issues. Under the guidance of the fence-wall demolition of the parks and the building of open blocks, and taking the protection of cultural relics, infrastructure promotion, safety management, convenience facility improvement, demolition of illegal buildings on the streets, and fund guarantees into account, the Plan will be amended and then reported to the People’s Government of Xi’an City for study and approval.

Most of the parks will be opened for free to the public after removing the fence walls, which requires a higher operating and managing capacity. Therefore, the Xi’an Municipal Bureau of City Administration will organize some study and inspection activities among the parks to formulate effective management measures. In this way, it can create an open, coordinated, inclusive and safe urban environment in the parks, and increase the sense of fulfillment and happiness of the citizens.

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