The Giant Panda National Park will be built in Shaanxi

2018-11-21 14:59:28 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

News comes from the Shaanxi Forestry Administration that the Giant Panda National Park (Qinling) will be built in Shaanxi within the next ten years. The park will cover an area as large as eight built-up areas of Xi’an. It will play a significant role in constructing the “Beautiful China”.

The Giant Panda National Park covers an area of 27,134 square kilometers with four zones, respectively the Minshan Zone (Sichuan), the Qionglaishan-Daxiangling Zone (Sichuan), the Qinling Zone (Shaanxi) and the Baishuijiang Zone (Gansu). The zones cover 20,177 square kilometers in Sichuan, 4,386 square kilometers in Shaanxi and 2,571 square kilometers in Gansu respectively. Four functional areas are included in this park: the core protection area, the ecological restoration area, the science popularization and recreation area, and the traditional utilization area. The core protection area has 67 existing giant panda nature reserves, apart from giant pandas there will also be more than 8,000 wild animals and plants. This 548.6-square-kilometer-large Park is equivalent to eight built-up areas of Xi’an, accounting for 7.6% of the total area of the Qinling Mountains (57,000 square kilometers). 12 nature reserves, 3 provincial forestry administrations, 2 forest parks, and 2 scenic spots are included, involving 19 townships, Xi’an, Baoji, Hanzhong and Ankang.

The establishment of the Giant Panda National Park will change the situation with regards to the isolation and habitat fragmentation of the giant panda population, thus strengthening the biodiversity conservation, protecting and restoring the giant panda habitat ecosystem, and boosting the construction of habitat-connected corridors. In addition, it can protect the wild panda populations and increase biodiversity conservation, which will prevent isolated giant panda populations from extinction.

The Giant Panda National Park (Qinling) takes the ecological function as orientation on the basis of the wild giant panda population and habitat protection, and follows the rules for their survival and reproduction. It focuses on conservation and restoration, scientific research monitoring, environmental education, eco-tourism and community development, aiming to strengthen the protection of sustainable ecosystem, and promote the harmonious coexistence between human and nature. In such ways it can realize the ownership of important natural resources, the sharing of all people, and the inheritance of future generations.

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