Shaanxi Chinese and Japanese folk greening cooperation achieves 1,400 hectares of afforestation

2018-07-04 17:41:43 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On July 3rd, the 19th meeting of the China-Japan Folk Greening Cooperation Committee was held in Xi’an. Peng Youdong, the Deputy Director of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, attended the meeting. It was reported that since the Shaanxi Chinese and Japanese folk greening cooperation started, a total of 1,400 hectares of afforestation has been completed with a total investment of RMB 16 million.

The Shaanxi Chinese and Japanese folk greening cooperation began in 2001. In the past 17 years, with the joint efforts of China and Japan, the Forestry Department of Shaanxi Province, the Communist Youth League of Shaanxi Province and Japanese civil greening organizations,such as the Hakata Dream Songyuan Association, the Loess Plateau Afforestation and the Greening Promotion Association, the China-Japan Construction Technology Friendship Association and the Japan Overseas Forestry Consulting Association, have worked closely together in afforestation, prevention and control desertification, soil and water conservation, economic forest construction and ecological culture education. They have implemented 11 Obuchi Fund programs with a total investment of RMB 16 million and the afforestation of 1,400 hectares, in 11 counties (districts) over the province. They have also played a leading role in improving the ecological environment, coping with climate change, improving the level of forestry science and technology, and promoting ecological culture. Their cooperation has brought favorable ecological, social and economic benefits.

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