19 Shaanxi foreign experts obtain permanent residence

2018-06-29 09:00:39 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On the morning of June 27th, the issuance ceremony of permanent residence identity cards for foreigners was jointly held at Northwestern Polytechnical University by the Exit and Entry Administration Department of Public Security Bureau of Shaanxi Province and the Exit and Entry Administration Department of Xi’an Public Security Bureau. During the ceremony 19 high-level foreign experts obtained their permanent residence identity cards.

Since first issuing permanent residence ID cards for foreign experts by the Shaanxi government in September last year, 290 people have obtained the permanent residence ID cards; among them, 175 are currently in Xi’an. The 19 foreign high-level experts are the first group of foreigners who have obtained permanent residence in Shaanxi since the establishment of the State Immigration Administration. Some of them are scientists engaged in basic research in universities; some are leading talents in innovative research in high-tech companies; the others are senior management experts in foreign-invested companies.

The relevant person in charge of the Shaanxi Public Security Bureau said that Shaanxi would continue to deal well with every permanent resident application from foreign high-level talents in accordance with the one-to-one service standard; continue to promote the implementation of permanent residency qualifications for foreigners, optimize the socialization functions of permanent residence ID cards, as well as increase the satisfaction of holders; continue to optimize the immigration measures, and gradually implement the “maximum one-time” efficient service with the issuance of visas. The aim is to realize the working goals of the entry and exit administration to facilitate the entry into and exit from Shaanxi for overseas talents, their spouses and children, as well as their scientific research teams.

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