A new convenient Xi’an-Pyongyang airline to be launched next month

2018-06-22 08:58:24 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

It was learnt from the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission that on June 20th Xi’an would launch an international air route to Pyongyang in North Korea in July, thus making Xi’an the fifth air traffic point started by Air Koryo in China.

As the state-owned airline of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Air Koryo is the exclusive airline in North Korea. Previously, Air Koryo has already launched air routes from Pyongyang to Beijing, Shenyang and Shanghai, and started the Chengdu-Pyongyang airline in June. Xi’an successfully launched a short-term chartered flight route between Xi’an and Pyongyang in around 2010, but the tickets were hard to buy. Nowadays, Xi’an becomes the fifth air traffic point to be opened up by Air Koryo in China. The opening of the route will lead to quick and efficient travels from Xi’an to Pyongyang, and further stimulate the enthusiasm of travelling from Xi’an to North Korea.

It was known that North Korea has not yet lifted the ban on independent travel, indicating that tourists to North Korea shall participate in the package tours, and they must be accompanied by the designated tour guides during the trip without leaving and travelling on their own. As the Xi’an-Pyongyang route is about to be launched, a number of travel agencies in Xi’an will develop tourism products to North Korea.

According to the regulations, it is very convenient for Chinese tourists to apply for visas to North Korea, which can be handled within 5 to 7 working days.

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