Shaanxi received 19.1 million visitors during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday

2018-06-20 09:00:06 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival coincided with the World Cup, so the dragon boat racing, traditional folk customs, and watching the football have all became popular pastimes during the holiday. Meanwhile, Shaanxi ushered in a brief uptake in tourist visits. According to statistics from the Shaanxi Tourism Development Committee, during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday this year, Shaanxi received 19.132 million tourists, up 17.06% year-on-year, and has pocketed RMB 8.615 billion from tourism, with an increase of 20.15% year-on-year.

A series of traditional Dragon Boat Festival activities were held to attract tourists. On June 16th, the 18th China (Ankang) Hanjiang River Dragon Boat Festival kicked off, attracting a larger number of visitors. According to statistics, the amount of visitors Ankang received increased by 20% over the same period last year. The 2018 Summer Trips to Xi’an themed with “Fresh China and Joyful Xi’an in the Summer” was held with a series of activities. On June 17th, the largest traditional water race event in Xi’an - the 6th Hancheng Lake Dragon Boat Festival began.

The Dragon Boat Festival holiday coincided with the World Cup. Various scenic spots and businesses in Xi’an promoted activities with World Cup themes. On June 16th, Bailu Yuan Studio held the first World Cup night, drawing nearly 300 families to play with water guns, stay in tents and watch the World Cup. In the Harmony Square of Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, they held the 2018 “the most enjoyable summer” football, electronic music and beer festival in the Qujiang district of Xi’an. At the Xi’an Inno Start-up Wonderland in the Hi-tech District, the 2018 World Cup Innovation Carnival was held.

“Qujiang 618 Tang Culture Tourism Week” activities started in the Daming Palace. On the evening of June 17th, “Poetry Collection in Chang’an - Poetry Reading in the Golden Era of Tang” was unveiled. Through the use of three-dimensional special effects and holographic images, citizens and tourists gathered at the Daming Palace to experience life in “Xi’an featuring the most distinctive Tang characters”. Events under the theme of “Dragon Boat Festival and enjoying zongzi” were held in the scenic area of Sima Qian Ancestral Temple in Hancheng, which received 34,600 tourists. In the Xianyang Museum, they held the 2018 Dragon Boat Festival Cultural Activities themed with “Taste the Dragon Boat Festival and Pass on Traditional Culture”, including talking about history, making sachets and shooting the five poisonous creatures. Through these activities, citizens are offered an opportunity to go to the museum and carry forward the traditional culture.

Self-driving or DIY travel are the main travel modes for traveling throughout the rural areas. According to statistics, during the three-day holiday, Yuanjia Village received 303,000 visitors, and Zhujiawan in Zhashui County received 55,900 visitors.

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