Elements of Shaanxi Shining in Wuzhen Town

2017-12-05 11:06:09 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Spectators are comparing the appearance similarity between themselves and Terracotta warriors through an internet game.

“Wanna know what you look like in the Qin Dynasty? Scan your face and you will be back to the Qin Dynasty.” At the “Light of Internet” Expo of the Fourth World Internet Conference, a face recognition applet becomes very popular.

Spectators are experiencing

From games to medical treatment, Internet has undergone accelerated growth and drastic changes in Shaanxi’s catching up and surpassing the advanced economies

“Scan the QR Code, upload your photos and you will find yourself back to Qin Dynasty and looking at the terracotta warriors who is 90% percent similar like you.” In front of Tencent booth, the reporter saw the staff patiently explaining the applet to the curious visitors. This small interactive game full of Shaanxi elements appeals many people and participants even need to wait in a queue to play this game.

Staff Gong Jiwu said there are more than 30 participants involved in looking for the “high imitation version” of their own from 2000 years ago, many people even shared the results to their friends online.

This small application is launched jointly by the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum Museum and Tencent. It not only allows you to know which terracotta warriors looks like you the most, but also accurately locate the Terracotta Warrior in the pit so that when you visit the genuine figurine, you will find it with one glance. It is with the help of the internet that this small game makes visiting of Shaanxi more enjoyable.

3D printing technology to reproduce the Kneeling Casting figurines of Qin Terracotta Warriors of the same proportion

Apart from the face recognition matching game, the 3D reproduction of Kneeling Casting figurines of Qin Terracotta Warrior of the same proportion is also a hot. Some people even mistakenly thought it was genuine as its shape and size are exactly the same as the unearthed terracotta warrior.

Hou Ningbin, president of the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum Museum, once said that the Internet Plus technology could impress young people so that they would be interested in traditional Chinese cultures, which also keeps the audience close to the cultural relics and creatively protect and inherit the cultural and artistic heritage and also showing its human-like side.

If this game is only for entertainment, then another project called “Looking for Shadow” is about people’s health. “This project relies on data analysis and machine learning technology to enable real-time analysis of medical images and save time for quick diagnosis of the disease.” The original application was able to screen early lesions of cancers including esophageal cancer, lung cancer, diabetic retinopathy, breast cancer, etc. “At present, we have reached cooperation with several hospitals in Shaanxi Province,” said Gong Jiwu.

Fengxi New City of Xixian New District booth at the 4th World Internet Conference

The virtuous circle of mutual promotion between the Internet industry and local economy in Shaanxi is now expanding

According to Quan Kai , the assistant Secretary of the director of Investment Bureau of Fengxi New City in Xixian New District stated that it is the third time they have participated in the World Internet Conference. Eight companies expressed their desire to go to Shaanxi for site inspection.

“This time we came here not only to attract Internet companies, but also brought several successful Internet companies from Xixian New District thus demonstrating their experience and the tremendous achievements of Shaanxi’s Internet industry.” Quan Kai said. The Internet has been deeply integrated with the economic and social development in Shaanxi Province.

Internet companies from Shaanxi are all pragmatic and focus on the “practical” effect that Internet brings about to the social development. “Last month, the Science and Technology Innovation Port was completed and will be delivered into use next year. We can have different levels of talents and they are really needed by companies.” Quan Kai said. Internet now is promoting the development of Shaanxi Province, and Shaanxi in return is also providing more support to the Internet companies coming to Shaanxi. Such a virtuous circle of mutual promotion between Internet industry and local economy in Shaanxi is now expanding. What makes journalists impress more is the increasing popularity of “Shaanxi Elements” at the Internet Conference. Behind this lies the fact that Shaanxi’s economic and social development is now warmly embracing the Internet.

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